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This is what we read around the table last week at Solstice. I rather like it, if I do say so myself. :

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We gather around this table tonight because we have traveled through the grey season to return first to Spring, and now to Summer. We have made it through the storms and the cold, the wetness and the drizzle–and we come now to this the longest day, to this abundance of light. So we stop for a moment to remember our journey, to celebrate this gift, and to give thanks.

At this table we have a great bounty, the labor of many hands and many talents. And we have, as we always do, a loaf of bread and a glass of wine. To some of us these simple foods remind us to be grateful. We see the staples and we think, ‘Ah, we have what we need.” To some of us these symbolic foods remind us of Jesus; they remind us to value what he valued – the sharing of life and provisions, the giving of thanks. For some of us the bits of grain in this loaf and the grapes crushed into this cup remind us that we are all part of one great family, birthed of one mother, living together in unity.

No matter who or what is a part of your story, we all have good reason to be here at this table on Solstice, during this time of light. Tonight we belong together. Tonight there is enough.

So we give thanks tonight for Light in all her forms, literal and metaphorical, physical and metaphysical. We take time at the table to acknowledge the great gifts of Light that have been given to us—the sun, revealed truth, the Divine—and with our presence here we ask for an increase of Light and a weakening of Darkness.

May light dominate your life in these coming days. May the moments of darkness be far outnumbered by the presence of light. And when you next gather around the table in your homes may you remember light, and love, and the sun. And may this supper, this moment of holy time help us all remember that the world spins, and the tide turns and the nights grow shorter – and regardless of our will or our work, the gift of Light Returning happens over and over and over again.

May the blessing of light be upon you –
Light without and light within.
May the blessed sunlight shine on you like a great fire,
So that stranger and friend may come and warm themselves at it.

And may light shine out of the two eyes of you,
Like a candle set in the window of a house,
Bidding the wanderer to come in out of the storm.

Happy Solstice

Kristin June 26, 2007 at 7:30 pm

This is so beautiful. The final blessing makes me think of Mary Oliver’s “The Buddha’s Last Instruction” – another blessing about light and sun, both literal and symbolic. ( Thanks for sharing this.

Rachelle June 26, 2007 at 8:43 pm

ooooh…i love new blessings. Thanks for the link!

i should say that the blessing at the bottom of this post is a traditional celtic blessing that i use for EVERYTHING because i love it so much.

Stacey June 27, 2007 at 6:28 pm

I really like this. Thanks for sharing. It must have been a magical evening for you all!

Meg June 28, 2007 at 2:13 pm

Hi Rachelle-
I found you via Jen Lemen and have been reading for awhile.
I love this solstice blessing. It gave me shivers — the kind I get when I read something really true and real and joyous. Thanks.

Whitney December 22, 2009 at 6:08 am

Hi Rachelle,
I was looking for a Solstice Blessing and found your site. Thanks so much for posting this. It’s beautiful. Lord and Lady be with you and your kin.

Suz June 19, 2010 at 9:13 pm

Thank you for this blessing, it is such a beautiful one. I hope to share it at a Summer Solstice party this Monday evening. May all the blessing be bestowed on you as well.

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