Sunday Spiritual: Lanterns for the Equinox

Catie says “Om” underneath a geodesic dome. The dome was taking test run in our neighbor’s back yard before going to Burning Man.

We have a guest with us this weekend – a lovely young woman named Faith from Nottingham, England. She’s received an enviable grant to travel for two months studying how cities brand themselves as “art cities.” Doesn’t that sound just lovely?

Last night, while we were standing in the throngs at Motel, she asked if we were going to church on Sunday. No one’s asked me that for awhile. Since we closed Monkfish Abbey we haven’t even considered what we might want to do about church – or more precisely – about whether or not we want (or need) a spiritual community that meets in an organized, weekly fashion.

For now, this Sunday will find us worshipping at the Church of Art — that is, we’ll be making bamboo and paper mache lanterns at the Powerhouse for the Fall Equinox walk next Sunday. The folks at the Powerhouse and dedicated to expressing thanksgiving and general attentiveness at the turn of each and every season. Summer finds us parading about in celebration of the Light. Fall is a quiet preparation for hibernation with one last walk around the lake by lamplight. Winter finds us feasting and clapping as the darkness begins to wane at the solstice. And we greet Spring by dancing with flowers in our hair as Life returns to the earth.

For me the creative reality of the seasons is inextricably linked with the creative power of the Divine. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, “God creates” is the first thing we know about our source and our maker. In my experience, the church was never that good at connecting the dots between the words of our holy book and the reality of our physical living on this earth. But the artists at the Powerhouse have an intuitive way of doing just that.

What will you do this Sunday for spiritual sustenance?


aola September 16, 2007 at 12:08 pm

We did get up and go to “church” this morning, but for my spiritual sustenance I will go for a long walk later and ponder why?

wilsonian September 16, 2007 at 2:38 pm

I’m in the process of moving away from the weekly service thing… and will be investing more in a small group and my neighbourhood. Apart from that, I have no idea how things will look, and to be completely truthful, I’m a little scared.

This afternoon I shot photos in a friend’s old apple grove… and found much of God in scabby apples and ladybugs.

Steve K. September 16, 2007 at 5:18 pm

I went and heard Tony Campolo preach at a United Methodist church here in Charlotte. Tony was OK, but wow! I haven’t been in a “traditional” church in a LONG time … Now that was an “experience” …

Rachelle September 17, 2007 at 7:55 am


one of the reasons we stopped going to sunday morning church was that it was so _bad_ for our family. everyone was tired and rushed and grumpy before hand and hungry and nap-needing and eager to leave afterward. (a leaving which was always delayed because as one of the pastors there were always many people needing to bend my ear a tick.) we are so much healthier and more loving since we stopped the sunday morning rush.

that being said, if our kids ever express a need to be back in ‘big church’ we’d give it another try. different places of worship for different stages of our development, don’t you think? and that goes for the grown ups too! :-)

i’m trying to remember…i think you have a son who longs for youth group, no? so i send you “good mom!’ kudos for making it on sundays even if you scratch your head at why you are there.



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