Creativity Friday: Finish Something!

Okay, response to this current challenge has been a little lackluster. Methinks the general creative soul out there might be feeling a little hopeless. Be not swayed, all ye who craft! Finishing is possible.

You’ve still got a good two weeks to wrap up just one WIP (knitter’s slang for “work in progress). And here comes the weekend, ripe with opportunity. Why not finish it up and feel the soul-nourishing satisfaction of a job well done? (Or at least just “done.”)

There’s a flickr group to post your WIP and the final finish. Those who post a finished project by November 1st will be entered in the drawing for this week’s prize. (Maybe some lovely hand dyed yarn from Green Prairie Fibers? Or the latest copy of Craft magazine if someone other than a knitter takes home the gold…..) Go on! Post your pics!

P.s. Speaking of Craft Magazine and prizes, have you been over to Sk*rt lately? Why not skirt this (see the little button below) while you head on over there?

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