*8 Things: Gifts from My Soultribe

8things from Magpie Girl

Writing about Soultribes has got me to reminiscing about my last clan, Monkfish Abbey. Here are *8 Things the monkfishers gave me, which I will treasure always.

1. The Poet Chill Out CD Isreal made for us.
2. A binder full of soup recipes.
3. Six months of living with Rebecca.
4. The fun of watching Ammelia and Lindell negotiate themselves into a relationship.
5. Discovering lectio divina and adding collage.
6. Prayer Flags.
7. A collection of seasonal practices which still support my family.
8. Good memories from the artistic pagans at Fremont Arts Council.

What *8 Things has your last, past, or current Soultribe given you?

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Jolie February 27, 2009 at 6:56 pm

Good question, Rachelle. Thanks, as always.

1. An ability to be comfortable with questions.
2. The recipe for baked brie and blueberry tarts.
3. A chance to rethink my assumptions on everything.
4. Shelves in my studio.
5. An appreciation of ancient traditions.
6. The joy of playing with Play-Doh during services.
7. Hysterical laughter every Sunday night.
8. My first real group of friends.

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