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Easter is coming! Have you been meaning to do something, well, meaningful with your children, but haven’t quite got around to it? There’s still time to do a creative project, and you can probably do it with stuff you already have laying around.

A few years ago our soulcare community was searching for away to celebrate the season. Since we consisted of people of all (and no) faiths, we needed something flexible. What we came up with is the Easter Tree. It’s a chance to express gratitude for the Spring; remember the life and teachings of Jesus; and/or to make something pretty that shouts “Next year, Jerusalem!” Here’s how you can do it to:

A large vase or bucket.
Several tree branches (if you pick something like a cherry branch, it might bloom!)
Scrap ribbon or yarn
origami, construction, wrapping paper, etc.
glue sticks
whatever crafty stuff you have lying about.

Put the branches in your vase or bucket. We’ve sometimes used a galvanized bucket with pebbles for ballast. Add water to encourage blossoming.

Spread out all the supplies on the table and invite people to make an ornament that commemorates whatever aspect of the season they wish to celebrate.

Decorate your tree!


Because our tradition is primarily Christian, we like to set our tree up at the beginning of Lent. Then throughout the season we look at one ornament each night at dinner. If it represent some story about Jesus, we look it up and read it to the kids. On Good Friday I clear everything off the tree. But Easter morning all the ornaments are back again along with colorful ribbons. The girls have really come to look forward to our Easter Tree, and it’s a welcome family tradition.

When we celebrate with our interfaith community, a lot of the ornaments are expressions of thanksgiving for the Spring. In that case, we go around the dinner table and share what we are thankful for in the new season.

How will you celebrate the rich and vibrant season with your children?

Jena April 8, 2009 at 7:47 pm

Thankfully, spending Passover this weekend with extended family down in Massachusetts. I let my sister do the heavy lifting – then all we have to do is show up and eat!

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