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You know you have them. Those tricksy little things that suck away your time and cast your good intentions into the corner of the universe reserved for socks-that-get-lost-in-the-dyer.

I am a particularly good victim to these little items. And while I’m not sure what to do about them, I thought if I made a list, I’d at least recognize them when I see them. So here are my *8Things:  Enormous Time Suckers:

1. Hulu. I admit it. I’m a Hulu whore. You can’t even stream Hulu in Europe — unless you are such an addict you find a work-around. (Hello Hotspot my old friend…) When I ran out of episodes of my favorite shows, I started watching stuff I do not even like. (Private Practice Rachelle? Seriously?)

2. The Tryanny of “The Best.” I spend loads of time — and I’m talking hours of dithering– tyring to decide the best use of my time. New method? Step 1: Write down 3 things that have to get done today or somebody’s gonna be disappointed about something. Step 2: Start one.  Step Three: Repeat the mantra “Nothing is ever wasted.”

3. Facebook Applications. I use FB like it is my own personal office assistance.  It’s truly valuable to me. Until the elusive appeal of the ‘Pick 5’ application comes around. Or the siren call of the the books and music boxes. That way lies madness.

4. Organizing. Junk drawers, sock drawers, linen closets. I love them all. When the girls were toddlers I would set up the dollhouse everyday, just to have some order (and to avoid the need to order my own big house!)

5. Regret. Lots of energy spent on this…less so nowadays tho, thanks in part to this. (Phew.)

6. Worrying. My favorite things to worry about are my kids, especially the one who doesn’t live with us. Right now tho, I’m worrying less about him and more about Eden, who is not at all challenged at school and who is having trouble making Danish friends. School worries are huge for me.

7. Wondering.What would it be like to be emotionally balance? What is the 19yo up to? Can you make gluten free challah? My mind rarely quiets down.

8. Obsessing about Food. Okay, this is kind of a necessity right now, because I’m re-learning how to eat without gluten or sugar. But I do think my mind spends waaaay to much time on food, and my body spends too much time preparing it. (The children, they need to eat HOW often?) I have separate blogs to “help” with this obsession, the theory being if you give it a place to live it won’t knock on your door as much.

What is your *8Things: Time Suckers list? Put it in the comments below or grab a button and play along. And for a soulcare challenge, why not try to curb the enthusiasm of one or two of them?  Me, I’m eliminating the “email me when there’s something new in my Queue” option on Hulu.  What will you do? Do tell, and thanks for being here!

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Sherry September 3, 2009 at 2:32 pm

Your 8 are great…I am guilty of spending too much time reading facebook (don’t do any of the applications…can’t see the point really) and organizing..I spend more time organizing that I actually do de-cluttering…and I aim to put a stop to that!!

TheAL September 4, 2009 at 11:14 am

Television! On occasion I’ll get sucked into that black hole. Imposing time limits and TV free days help quite a bit. :-). TGIF!

Rachelle September 4, 2009 at 3:13 pm

Hello *8Things players! I just want to let you know that I always read your *8Things lists, and I TRY to comment. But some sites require log-in’s that don’t like my specialized Wordpress ID. So if you don’t hear from me, please do that I DO pop around.

And please, if you are posting a link to Mr. Linky, make sure it is the specific URL and not your general URL. You can find your *8Things post’s specific URL by clicking on the title of your post. Copy and paste THAT one into the Mr. Linky so we can go straight to your list. Here’s an example below of my general and specific URL. Thanks so much for playing *8Things!

http://www.magpie-girl.com (General URL)
http://www.magpie-girl.com/20090903/8things-enormous-time-suckers/ (specific URL)

Emily September 5, 2009 at 2:21 pm

What a great list! I admit to spending way too much time on facebook, really trying to limit my time there!

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