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See that little button over there? The blue one with the pink ribbon? Jenn and Amanda made that for me. They also let me play along when they made these hygge affirmation cards, and then they gave them way for free! That’s the kind of people they are. And that’s why this week the ladies of  Kind Over Matter are not only my Current Crush, but also today’s Favorite Things interviewees!

 When did you start Kind of Matter and what was your inspiration?

Jenn says: Amanda and I started Kind Over Matter February 2009. For me, the inspiration was just wanting to bring a smile to someone’s day, be a spot of brightness for others.

Amanda says:  I guess it was after I made some printable “kind” cards for my etsy shop and I wanted to spread them around, guerilla-style, to make people smile. I know sometimes I run around doing errands totally in my own head and I thought if I found a little reminder to Smile or Be Kind, it would totally snap me out of the hurried haze I was in and put me in the present.  I ended up sending them to Jenn and we talked about making a  flickr group, hoping to get more folks involved. The idea spread into a blog & it totally just blossomed into what it is today—so organic.

Will you tell us a favorite reader reaction?

Jenn says: My favorites are always after we post who won the giveaway — the person who won is always excited and I love it when those who didn’t win offer their congratulations. That’s so nice. 

Amanda says: Oh man, there’s been so many!  Almost daily we get emails or comments from readers saying how much they love Kind Over Matter, thanking us for inspiring them and others; they all really warm my heart.  I actually saved a few of my favorites, I’d love to share one with you all!  This is from a random comment on one of our entries: 

“ I just wanted to let you know how much I love this site. It’s positive, upbeat, happy & truly meaningful….Your page has been a ray of hope & kindness on tough days, & given me encouragement when… I was unsure. ”

How has your Kindness work colored your days or shifted your perspective?

Jenn says: Doing all of this with Kind Over Matter has helped me be kind more freely, it’s opened me up to other people and to try to be a light for them.

Amanda says: I try to be more conscious about going out of my way to be kind.  I try to smile more, be in the now more.  It really is a state of mind and you must be willing to work at it if it doesn’t come naturally.  Working on Kind Over Matter shows me daily that there are so many people on this planet that are doing good, or who want to do good, it’s all really inspiring.

What is the kindest thing that’s happened to you recently? 

Jenn says: The other morning, I was in an elevator coming up from the subway, there were so many of us crammed in there, I bumped into this woman, apologized & she said, “It’s ok, sweetie.”  Everyone was so nice, so polite to each other, making a joke out of the situation instead of letting it put a cramp in their day. When we were all exiting the elevator people said things like “Have a wonderful day” and “I hope you have a blessed day.” You could see that they meant it.  It totally made my day.

Amanda says: I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping online and I just got a package today with what I had ordered. There was also an extra little box inside with a note explaining that the seller wasn’t listing the extra item in her shop anymore, but instead of keeping them all for herself she wanted me to have one. It truly melted my heart.  I love buying handmade!!

jenn gibsonJenn Gibsonlikes to laugh & be silly, take photographs & skygaze. Together with her soul Sister Amanda Oaks, she helps run Kind Over Matter , a blog dedicated to kind acts and projects, inspirational art and Feel Good Nouns. Bits of her personal story can be found at Papers & Prayers, and the beginnings of a collaborative photo project lives at Distance & Directions.   


amanda oaksAmanda Oaks is one half of the Kind Over Matterteam and lives in western Pennsylvania, where she is a mama to her 2 year old son Zenin & another little light soon to make their appearance in the Spring.  She also runs verve bath press a micro-press that publishes handmade chapbooks. She is the author of several of poetry chapbooks including love notes & bloodlines.

Mel November 20, 2009 at 8:26 am

Oh I love that! Wonderful.

amanda @ kind over matter November 20, 2009 at 3:55 pm

Rachelle!!! This is sooooo special!!! Thank you soooo much! It was a TON of FUN! I love it!!! <3 x <3 x <3 !!!

Eileen November 21, 2009 at 6:11 am

One of my favorite blogs interviewing another of my favorite blogs! Yay! I heart you both!

Brenda November 22, 2009 at 12:51 am

Mahalo for the peek into 2 beautiful souls who light up my days…even if there is a lot of natural sunshine in Hawaii.

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