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Hello loves!

I’m getting ready to leave Copenhagen, where the ice has overtaken the Little Mermaid, to go to London, where the ice has overtaken the fountains of Trafalgar Square. (What was I thinking? Why didn’t I book a flight to Spain?!) Because of this, I’m taking a it a little light on the blogging here at Magpie Girl, and there is no new One Q Interview to edit this week.

If you’re lonely, you might consider joining us at Flock: Soulcare with Magpie Girl, where the joint is jumping!  This week we’ll get to talk to our resident therapist, Jen Payne in her first Ask an Expert column; work on some Soulcrafting to set our intentions for the month; and find support in our weekly check-ins. Plus we’ll get ready for February’s Read-A-Long, Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design. (Click to see our current offerings.)

Even if you can’t be with us in the Flock, we still want you to have some support and encouragment this week. Might I suggest a little trip on the wayback machine? Here’s a list of the very best value-added guest posts from weeks of yore. May you find something you need amongst them this day.

I’ll see you Thursdsay for *8Things. Until then…

Much Warmth,


Jamie Ridler: Creativity, Feeback and Our Tender Hearts

Jena Strong: Impostor Syndrome, Diagnosis and Treatment

Stephanie Walker: *8 Ways to Turn Financial Crisis Into Opportunity

Becky Knight: Living by Your Own Rules, Sexual Integrity

Lisa Alexander: Honoring Your Work with Values-Based Pricing

Jen Payne: Five Signs It’s Time to Call a Therapist

Jolie Guillebeau: A Guided Visualization to Uncover you Ideal Way of Living (podcast)

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