*8Things I've Learned in the Past Little Bit

8things from Magpie Girl

*8Things I’ve Learned in the Past Little Bit

1. You Can Cook It Fast.  I’ve always been a decent cook. Not  fancy, but good. Homeskillet style, I call it. Since moving to CPH I’ve had to learn to do it every night. Not just for special occasions or when I have time. Now I can cook from scratch, healthy, fast.  Plus, I make gluten free baked goods three times a week, including bread. (Yeah. I kinda rock.)

2. Nothing is Ever Wasted. I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life, switch fields, I fall in love frequently with new things, I start and stop projects. On bad days it looks like one big meandering mess. On good days I can see a pattern in the chaos. Being distracted by sparkly things has got me here. And here is good.

3. It’s okay to Nap. In the Winter it makes perfect evolutionary sense to go back to bed for an hour after you get the kids off to school. It’s called hibernation. All the beasts are doing it. Why not you?

4. Wake to the Light. Make your Bed. Usually Karen Maezen Miller makes me want to throw Zen books at her. She’s so nice, but my not-Zeny self likes to rebel against her calm. This article really worked for me tho. (Except the go to sleep with the sun part. In the North you’d go to bed at 3pm!)

5.  Human Contact is a Must. I work at home. I live abroad. If I don’t see a real, live human grown up (who is not family) at least once a weak I go bat-shit crazy. This is a lesson I have to re-learn on a regular basis.

6. People Over 40 Need Tune Ups. My reading glasses are not strong enough. My distance vision is getting iffy. There’s now a history of skin cancer in my family and I’ve never seen a dermatologist. (Says the girl who sunburned to blistered ever Summer of her life.) And don’t even get me started on what 7 years of chronic migraines has done to my endocrine system. When I get back into the land where they actually run tests and prescribe you things, I am SO getting a full-on tune up.

7. Embrace the Crazy. I’m never going to be even-keeled. I’m not a certified Freak, but I’d fly the flag. Yet in spite of this friends say “Rachelle is the solid at the center.” (Thanks, Josh.) Some of the best art in the world is made by the mad.  The key is to learn how to harness the crazy. I’m getting the hang of it. (I even wrote a tiny bit about it here.)

8. Your Kids Grow Up. A year ago my son-adopted-by affection was making me grind my teeth at night. My eldest by birth was on my nerves. And my little one was – okay well she was peachy. Now the manchild in college; the eldest daughter is a delight and a friend; and the little one – okay now she’s crying at the drop of a hat. My point is “This Too Shall Pass.” (Put it on a sticky note on your fridge. It helps the Merlot not disappear quite as fast.) 

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Rachelle February 5, 2010 at 10:33 am

Sweeties…if I haven’t commented on your blog it’s because my “open id credentials could not be verified.”

But I love you. I really do.

Leslie February 5, 2010 at 4:03 pm

Rachelle, I will so share recipes with you if you get one! I was blessed to get mine from a local Freecycle network a few years back! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my small blog! ;-)

lisa (msla) February 5, 2010 at 6:18 pm

My things I’ve learned list (birthday version!):

1. Always fold your laundry. I have an iron clad rule that when I dump the clean laundry on the bed, I am not allowed to throw it on the floor, even if I’m utterly exhausted and want to go to bed *right now*. It really only takes less than 5 minutes to fold and put away.

2. I feel better if I move every day. It takes longer to avoid the exercise than it does to actually do it. It’s still pretty hard to actually do it.

3. Only buy the veggies you truly want to eat. The rest inevitably go into the garbage at the end of the month, regardless of your good intentions. Stop wasting just because you’re trying to talk yourself into something.

4. I have a rhythm, just like everything else in this world. Trying to pretend otherwise is an exercise in frustration.

5. Loneliness is not fatal. Welcome the yearnings, even if they are painful. That way wisdom lays.

6. Wear anything you want and always add jewelry. Necklaces and bracelets take things from dumpy to urban chic.

7. Drink water, even if you don’t feel like it. My body needs at least 2L a day, or there is a headache in the making for the following day.

8. Remember that your friends are human and will disappoint you. Getting bent out of shape simply prolongs the agony.

Karen Maezen Miller February 5, 2010 at 7:49 pm


Bev Baird February 8, 2010 at 1:27 am

Your list is dead on! Lots of truth there!

Becky February 14, 2010 at 3:53 am

Love this list!

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