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8things from Magpie Girl

Today’s *8Things list come from @KateJumps, my Copenhagen neighbor and a record-breaking skydiver. She suggests that we use this week to observe the place we live, and learn to love it a little more. What are *8 Observations about the world around you?

*8Things Observed in my Neighborhood

(These first 4 are from my husband, Paul. He emailed them to me from the train on his way to work this morning. So sweet!)

1. two magpies in the traffic circle.
2. a red–as in “Oh she just got her hair dyed red”–squirrel.
3. a woman wearing jeans with a maroon paint stripe on her ass imitating as if she had sat on a newly painted park bench. 
4. …and the snow is almost gone 

5. little yellow flowers poking up thru the lawn in the havn (garden/park).
6. snowdrops with their buds not quite opened.
7. the swans returning to the city’s søer (lakes.)
8. flower sellers outside the Stog (train) station.

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kate March 19, 2010 at 9:43 am

8 things observed in my neighborhood (Copenhagen, Denmark)

1. Babies in strollers are now visible–cheery red cheeks and sky blue eyes.
2. The lakes are melting–huge ponds where hockey was played just a few weeks ago
3. “Bird Island” in the lake has multiple nests in every tree with proud momma birds brooding and standing watch
4. tables and chairs are sprouting like croci outside the local cafes–blankets are still needed, but we can now have a cuppa outside
5. miniskirts (not on me, lord knows, but on the locals)
6. There were so many people running around the lakes in Sunday’s sunshine it was a little like being in a mini-10 K
7. More musicians on the Stroget (walking street)
8. Lamb is on sale in the supermarkets–it’s almost Easter!

The Heartful Blogger March 19, 2010 at 2:16 pm

I like this list. When I take my little toddler for a walk, we make lists like this together about everything we can see. He likes birds, sky and flowers best.

Lynette March 22, 2010 at 12:39 am

8 things observed from my front deck chair:
(I am on solo-Mom duty, and therefore land-locked.)
Pascal’s apple tree is still leaning significantly right.
The hard 3-minute rain has made the road shine.
Even though I just mowed the lawn, it looks like it needs it again.
The neighbor’s overgrown bamboo is really, really tall.
My recently purchased purple flowers look like weeds.
The sun is blinding as it hits the neighbor’s car window.
Water is dripping from the eaves.
2 beautiful eight year-old boys are deep in conversation and carrying sticks.

Mechaieh March 25, 2010 at 12:06 am

Thank you for the inspiration!

The description of the redness of the squirrel made me laugh. :-)

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