*8Things: Passion. You're soaking in it.

*8Things iconYou may have heard, because I am complete nerd and Twittered about it incessantly, that I went to see Paolo Nutini last night. (Yes, again. Second time.) When I was a teenager “rock” music was forbidden in my house. And in college I couldn’t afford these new shiny things called “CDs”, much less a ticket to U2 at Red Rock. Now, finally, at 40 I can buy both a Zune pass AND the occasional concert ticket. I guess you could say I’m a late bloomer.

For those of you who don’t know Paolo Nutini, he’s a Scottish singer of Italian descent who’s got an old school soul. The little Senegalese/British man behind me shouted to me “That young man is black on the inside.” (I just nodded. We clinked beer cups.)

There’s something about being with soulful artists like that which both slays me and brings me to life. There are people who perform. Then there are the people who leave it ALL on the stage — their very soul and everything they believe in, lying there on the rug in front of the mic, sweaty and spent but deeply worth it.

Some artists have great technique, or a gifted hand, or a clever eye. I can appreciate that. But my favorites, well, they have all of this plus soul. They create a resonance, a window — something more than finely-executed piece of work. They create a gift, an offering. I recognize it,  by the way I feel humbled in it’s presence. Humbled, and deeply grateful.

Being at the show last night reminded me how much I need to be in the presence of that kind of artistry. Even more so, it reminded me how much I long to participate in development of artists who have that kind of soul. To be a withmate to them. To help in whatever small way that I can.

I long for that kind of life the same way I once longed for Narnia. When I am in it’s presence, every particle of my body feels a pull to return to it’s source. The word that comes to my tongue is “transcendence.” 

Fear and church and “practicality” kept me from these things in the past. Or maybe they just kept me on simmer until the time was right. But now I stand on the top of a hill and cry: “These are my desires. And I won’t give them up to you this time around.”

I’m not sure how to live in the midst of this soulful, artistic passion full time — or even if I have the stamina to do so. But I know I need to be there more often. I need to move “higher up and deeper in.”

I’m not in deep enough yet, but I’m traveling. I’m on my way.

*8Things: Passion, You’re Soaking In It

1. The lyrics and full-voiced passion of Mumford and Sons.
2. The sweaty, bent-double soul of Paolo Nutini.
3. The architecture of The Getty in L.A.
4. The way dancer Phillip Chbeeb keeps discovering.
5. The column of light in the center of the Pantheon in Rome.
6. All things Vincent VanGogh.
7. The kids who sing on Glee.
8. Every words that comes out of Leonard’s mouth.

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Elissa June 10, 2010 at 3:01 pm

SO jealous you got to hear Paulo…can you please tell him to come HERE?

I’m clinking your beer glass, too. Here’s to your desires. Call it from the mountaintop. I’ll join you!

Chana June 10, 2010 at 10:34 pm

my cat-angel
views from my windows
music! (do i have to choose?)
farmers market harvest
dreams that come to me in the night
bare feet

WrightStuff June 10, 2010 at 10:55 pm

Do you have Dr Who in the States? You have Paolo Nutini! Well, no matter. The Dr is a Time Lord. That’s all you need to know. He travels through the space and time continuium. This means that on last Saturday’s episode he was able to transport Vincent Van Gogh himself to the Musee D’Orsay to an exhibition of his work – a celebration of one of the greatest artists ever… He was quite touched, given that everyone laughed at his paintings and he couldn’t sell squiddly. Imagine being able to do that for Van Gogh!
I love a bit of Paolo – pure poetry.

Rachelle June 11, 2010 at 5:34 pm

WrightStuff – We are in Copenhagen, so yes, we do get Dr. Who. Haven’t seen the new doc yet, but I’ll have t check that out. I also noticed that there’s some kind of VanGogh 3D at our planetarium. Funny trending, eh?

Chandra – Oh! I forgot who nuturing and inspiring the Farm Market is. Thanks for reminding me.

Meg June 12, 2010 at 12:11 am

I know exactly how you feel about Paolo Nutini! yes..he leaves his soul right there on the stage! Doesn’t just sing the song he makes it live….he’s possessed by it…… makes me feel what he’s feeling. I can’t say enough……I’m with you sister…
cheers! (clink of beer glasses)

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