30Stories: Recovering from Chronic Illness

Today at 30Stories in 30Days, I talk about suriving and recovering from chronic illness when my long-time friend and massage therapist Susan Young asks:

Q: What role has massage played in your life?

Click here to ready my answer. (And to find a great massage therapist if you live in Pasadena!)


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30Stories 30Days: The Collection

Day 1:  What is the intersect between work and play and how can I find it? 
Day 2:  How has your spirituality shaped your sexuality?
Day 3: IRL and Online Friendships: same? different? balanced.
Day 4: How can I connect with my neighborhood?
Day 5: What do I do if my partner and I have different faiths?
Day 6: What are you doing to make a difference in this world?
Day 7: What is your highest high and what can you learn from it?

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