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*8Things iconToday my daughter Cate and I recorded a video lesson for my upcoming class on Right-fit Relig-ish practices for children. This one was on mealtime rituals that encourage gratitude and presence. It got me to thinking about how nurturing a family meal can be, especially in the glorious summer time. So this week for *8Things I’d thought we’d respond to the question: “What makes a soulful supper?” Any ideas for simple meals, bonding experiences, or just plain old nice things to do at dinners? Let us know!

One of our soulful suppers as captured by Pastry Child Photography.

*8Things For Soulful Suppers

1. simple dinning – tossed salads, grilled something, crusty bread, fruit
2. pretty settings – eating outdoors, vintage glasses, flowers in a jam jar
3. earth lovin’ – cloth napkins, local veggies, real plates (even at the picnic)
4. collaboration – everyone cookin’ in the kitchen, shucking corn, shelling peas
5. right-fit dinner time - early for the family with toddlers who sleep by 6. middle for the couple who has to commute home. late for the night owls who dine like New Yorkers.
6. ‘sert – no cook cheesecake, melon balls, strawberries and cream, a shared bar of good chocolate. (I like dessert!)
7. gratitude – a moment of silence, holding hands in a circle, a poem, a prayer
8. right-fit amount – enough to feel gently full

*8Things iconWhat about you Magpies? What *8Things make for a Soulful Supper in your book? Grab a button and play along. If you put your list on your blog, give us the permalink in the Mr. Linky below. Thanks for playing. You inspire us!





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allysa July 14, 2011 at 5:50 pm

Hooray for desert! and for right-fits.

Susan July 15, 2011 at 8:51 pm

The whole list makes me miss you Mee Chapmans! Happy summer dining!

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