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*8Things iconHello my loves, my darlings, my Magpies.

I really care about you. So in today’s *8Things I’d like us to pay attention to resistance. Because its is sucking up a lot of your brilliance, time, and creativity, and I don’t want that for you. For us.

Right now, even as I type, the man next door is mowing his lawn. It is insanely loud. Earlier he was pressure washing the deck. (Also loud.) Apparently it is home improvement day at the neighbor’s house.

As a migraineur I really dislike noise. I work without music. I drive without the NPR. I “shush” my children.

Even though I have no control over the making or not-making noise, I am involved with it. I am committed to being frustrated at it. We are in relationship, Noise and I — and it is a toxic one.

I don’t want to be in a relationship with Noise. I don’t want to struggle. I don’t want to be mad. I don’t want to resist.

Rachel Cole said something recently in this post at Jamie Ridler Studios. She said “Stay in choice.” Rachel helped me realize: I have a choice around this terrible Noise.

Choice One: Resist it. Get angry. Be annoyed.
Choice Two: Accept it. Notice it. Let it be.

I heard a story on the NPR recently about a meditation practice that helps people with tinnitus. It doesn’t make the ringing in their ears go away, but it helps them to stay in choice. They choose to notice it, to accept it, and to let it go. The result? Reduced anxiety. Increased productivity. More ease.

When I choose to resist something I have to be in relationship with it — I have to engage with it, and hold an internal dialogue about how much it is bugging me. But if I choose to accept it, it can live over there–outside of me–and the tension my body holds around it can dissipate.

What about you, Magpies? What are you resisting in your life? How can you stay in choice around those things? What helps you practice non-resistance? (Tequila doesn’t count.)

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

*8Things for Non-Resistance

1. The weather. I chose to practice non-resistance with the mantra “It’s not personal.” Also, I like to ask myself WWLID? (What would Laura Ingalls do?) Answer: nothing. She wouldn’t know it was fantastic in San Diego or Hawaii. She’d just deal. (Laura Ingalls is my go-to guru for simple living.) 
2. Noise. I chose to practice non resistance by wearing earplugs, moving to another location, or listening to this song.)
3. How long everything takes. I kinda suck at this one. Maybe you have suggestions?
4. Computer programs that don’t work the way they say they will. I choose to practice non-resistance by reminding myself that most of these are free, and people are trying their hardest. Also, tequila. (I cheat.)
5. The fact that I can’t eat baked goods, bread, or beer. (Gluten) I choose to practice non-resistance around this unfortunate turn of events by remembering that discovering this allergy reduced my migraines by 80%.
6. Crumbly kitchen counters. I choose to practice non-resistance around this 1) by being grateful the my kids cook for themselves, and 2) by telling myself to stop fuming and “Just wipe the damn counters off already!”
7. The reality that my children need to be fed 3 times a day. (Really? Didn’t you just eat, like, yesterday?) I choose to practice non-resistance around this by practicing gratitude that we can eat 3 times a day. 
8. Chronic pain. I choose to practice non-resistance to this by acknowledging what I’ve accomplished, asking for words of affection when I feel like a looser, and refusing to give up.

*8Things iconWhat about you Magpies? What *8Things do you want to practice non-resistance around? What helps you practice non-resistance?  Grab a button and play along. If you put your list on your blog, give us the permalinkin the Mr. Linky below. Thanks for playing. You inspire us!

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