Curated Care: How to Set Up a Coaching Practice

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Have you met Kate Swoboda? As generous as she is productive, as pragmatic as she is soulful, this glowing woman is ready to coach you into your most courageous life. Kate’s coaching is my favorite flavor — supportive, practical, and chocked full of truth. That’s why I’ve been thrilled to work with her past projects, and to spread the word about her latest timely offering.

Kate’s new program — The Coaching Blueprint — is a toolkit for new and emerging coaches. If you’ve set up a coaching practice, or if you curious about starting one, this course is for you. From setting good boundaries, to time-effective marketing, to booking group retreats and writing courses–The Coaching Blueprint has got you covered.

What I like most about this product is Kate’s deep passion for making it easier on you than it was on us. Coaching is an emerging field. There’s no rule book. I know I felt very lost setting up my practice, and even with a few years under my belt Kate’s program is still teaching me things I need to know–like how to do all my marketing in just 4 hours a week!

Not only do you get Kate’s experience as a coach, but she’s also assembled a cast of coaching insiders including: Tanya Geisler, Julie Daley, Jamie Ridler, Dyana Valentine, Michael Bungay Stanier, Pam Slim, Tara Sophia Mohr, Tara Gentile, Jennifer Lee, , Michelle Ward, Bridget Pilloud, and even a contribution from little ole’ me.

Plus, the price is ridiculous.

Check out Kate’s cheeky, informative video below, and get ready to hang out your shingle!


Click on to get The Coaching Blueprint.


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