*8Things. A Gratitude Practice.

*8Things iconHello Magpie! It’s *8Things Thursday. Time to check in with our Gratitude.

I don’t know about you, but we have a recurring bout of First World Issues around here. Folks in our house can get pretty whiny at times. That’s why I enjoy this little gratitude practice. It grounds me in the reality of how bountiful my life really is — even on the tough days.

What *8Things are you genuinely grateful for today? I”ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours…

I’m grateful for…

1. my sweet yoga instructor who kept saying our stretches were “delicious.”
2. Claire and Noah who are coming over for homemade mac-n-cheese tonight.
3. homemade mac-n-cheese.
4. an unexpectedly sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest.
5. the dogs finally being off their medications.
6. a doctor who caught that my iron was low in time to prevent a chornic pain flare up.
7. coffee with Jen Payne Saturday!!
8. a weekend without a lot of commitments.

*8Things iconWhat about you Magpie? What *8Things are you grateful for? Put the short version in the comments, or grab a button for your blog. Give us permalink below so we can stop by! Your list will help others find their gratitude mojo when it’s running a little thin. Thanks for playing!

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Rebecca October 19, 2011 at 2:27 am

Re: 1st world problems – he coulda killed the spider with the Starbucks receipts and saved himself a dollar. That’s just lazy thinking, there :)

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