Relig-ish - 5 Ways to Uncover Your Right-Fit Spiritual Practice

Last week I  taught at the Soularize learning party on right-fit spiritual practices. I know creating habits and practices that nurture your soul and inspire your living is something you value, Magpie. So I’m sharing my workshop notes here in a mini-series at Magpie Girl.

In the last post we looked at 5 indicators your practices might not be right-fit for you, and we looked for things that would help us notice practices that are working well. In this post I’m summing up 5 things that will help you explore different practices so you can uncover the thing (or things) that nuture you and help you connect to ___________________.  (Fill in the blank…God, Love, Creativity, The Divine….).

Over the past few years I’ve been privlidged to be a part of a couple different soulcare communities which were (and are) engaged in exploring spiritual practices. In time I came to notice recurring habits that help communities make good soulcare discoveries. Here are are 5 Ways to Uncover Your Right-Fit Practices:

1. Experimentation. Just as you would play with costumes from a dress up box, try-on different habits and practices and observe the results.
2. Accepting Failure. Don’t be discouraged by failed experiments. Failure — when approached with curiosity and humor — directs us onto a more healthful path.
3. Emphasizing functionality. As that great thought-leader Dr. Phil says, “How’s that workin’ for ya?” As my evangelical friends say, “Is this bearing fruit?” If your practice brings shalom (wholeness) to yourself and others, it has high-function in your life — even if it doesn’t seem like a “typical” or traditional practice.
5. Learned from other wisdom traditions – If the practices of your tradition aren’t enhancing your life, consider looking outside your wisdom tradition. Then look for places of common connection and lean into those.

What about you Magpie? Do you have a soulcare practice you just adore? How did you find it? Do tell!


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Patti B. May 27, 2012 at 9:53 pm

Reading tarot for personal development and as a way to help others is one I currently find fits me well.

Aurora September 9, 2012 at 11:39 am

Hi, I’m curious, you’ve only listed ways 1-3 and 5 – what was way number 4? :D

I suppose I use writing as a spiritual practice. :)

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