6 Simple Ways to Release Flow

marjorie headshotMeet Marjory Mejia, hostess Awakening Sacred Flow. When Marjory heard that our Flock theme in march was simplifying spaces in our homes, offices, or studios in order to connect better with our loved ones, our work, or our creativity, she offered to help. (Hurrah for the Giant Pool of Wisdom!)

Marjory is a shamanic artist, space healer, writer and designer passionate about helping creatives experience flow and express their true essence, one space at a time. She blends her knowledge of architecture and design with intuition, shamanic wisdom & ancient feng shui principles. She offers her virtual Space Revolution Sessions– spatial healing & design sessions designed to harmonize your soul and home, studio or creative office.

In this guest post, Marjory offers 6 Simple Ways to Release Flow in your dwelling places. Marjory, step right up…

interviewSix tips to unleash Flow in your Space
by Marjory Mejia

We don’t so much create flow as awaken, facilitate and romance it. Ever present and often dormant, this pulsing force waits to be unleashed, harnessed and used for good. There is simplicity, elegance and intelligence in a space that cultivates flow. Healing your relationship with your spaces and your environment precisely enables you to ride the energy of flow to express and share your dreams, passions and gifts.

In this age of rapid change and transformation, it is lovely, nourishing and satisfying to have a home space that grounds, deepens and expands the awareness of your place in this magical universe. Use these suggestions to connect with your space and flow itself. This is a feminine approach to space and self renewal!

1. What space clearing is. When you let go of things that are not in resonance with your spirit anymore, you liberate incredible amounts of energy. It can be very emotional, so be kind to yourself. Sometimes we hold unprocessed things and emotions captive in our spaces and hearts. Space clearing is a sustainable practice that clears the residue of stagnant energy/patterns using sound, ritual and intention to harmonize the environment and reveal the luminosity of your space and self.

2. A space clearing ritual. I invite you to do this on a regular basis: Offer a prayer of gratitude, connect with your intention for the space, light a candle, smudge and physically clean your space really well (you can clean the walls with salt water). Play beautiful music, hum, sing, dance, journal any emotions that may come up, hold them gently in your heart and release them back into the universe.

3. Romance flow. How is your space welcoming flow? Imagine your home greeting life with a smile. Let your doors and windows celebrate flow’s arrival. Free up the circulation of energy in your space with clear paths of movement. Flow loves meandering pathways.

4. Use your space! Neglected spaces have stagnant energy. Start loving your space and it will love you right back.

5. Invite nature in. Let your space open up to nature. Feel the power and healing inspiration in your natural environment. Connect with your local ecosystem. Open up the windows for fresh air, have lovely plants, flowers & artwork inspired by nature that speaks to you.

6. Express your heart song. You can align your space with your highest intention, your deepest purpose. Only have things you truly need, love and cherish Embrace something in your space today that represents your truest aspirations.

Your space is sacred and so are you! May these suggestions help your space flow, nourish, and inspire your brightest unfurling. Remember to slow down, listen and stay receptive. There is so much that wants to awaken. This spring, I am making space for joy, and you?

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This Spring, you can join her healing & virtual circle of inspired women on an exploratory journey of physical, emotional, and spiritual release to liberate energy, unleash flow and Make Space for Joy! Connect with her: twitterfacebook – pinterest


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