Creating a Right Fit Faith Practice for Easter, Passover, or Spring Celebrations

During this week, which is sacred to two large branches of faith, you may be struggling with a clash between your current beliefs and your traditional practices. You can have a right-fit Passover/Easter/Spring practice. Something that’s rooted in the best parts of your heritage, authentic to who you are today, and creative enough to grow with you.

To help you along the way, here’s is a re-print of a post that will help you decided what to keep, what to set aside, and what to create new for yourself and your family.

May this week be full of life and new growth for you.

Much Warmth,

*your magpie girl

Creating a Right-Fit Faith Practice

Our nativity lambs stand in for a shankbone at our vegetarian inter-faith Seder. E.Claire, Pastry Child Photography

Friends, I want you to know something. To know it deep in your core.

You can create exactly the kind of spirituality you want. Half this and half that. With a dash of x and a sprinkle of y. You can special order. And once your find the perfect combination, you can (and will) change it again.
If you are a new kind of soul, you recognize this desire. The desire to customize, to blend, to create anew. It’s thrilling. It’s motivating. And it can be overwhelming. When you do this kind of work, when you live this kind of life, you dig up the very ground you stand on. Why?

Because you are mining. You are looking for the buried treasures you want to keep: the traditions your foremothers that you want to pass on; the good habits you’d forgotten that work so well; the bits of your past you want to polish up. They got lost. Lost in the dogma, and the rules, and in the expectations of others. You want to find those valuables, so you mine your past.

Because you are plowing. You are preparing the soil. You are planting the seeds of something new: something that may not bloom when you expect it to; that comes in a mix of unknown colors; that may bear a lot of fruit or a little. You are creating fertile soil for something you are curious about. Something that will bring beauty, or sustenance, or provision into your life.

Mining or Planting – either way things are getting churned up. Things are getting lumpy. So, how do you stand when you aren’t sure what’s solid ground?

  • Start with functionality. What works for you? What creates fruitfulness in your life? Not what’s supposed to be helpful, or what “they” say works. What serves you well? Do that. (Screw the rest.)
  • Follow Your Muse. You know that impulsive surge that rises up when a new thing strikes you? The brief clarity of an ah-ha moment? That rush of energy that comes with new idea, just before your naysaying voice kicks in? That’s your Muse. She may seem like a flibbertigibbet, especially when viewed through someone else’s lens. But for you, she’s rock solid. She’s the oracle in The Matrix. She’s the Huntress who comes to guide you out of the woods. She knows what you need to create new life – even if it seems wildly impractical. Even if – especially if – no one else is doing it that way. Her ideas don’t feel burdensome—challenging maybe, but not burdensome. That little thing you’ve been dreaming of in your subconscious? She sees it. She’s making sure you see it too. What makes your pulse race and your blood boil? That’s your Muse turning up the heat. Jump in.
  • Assume it will Change. We the Dreamers, we are not stagnant people. We look for the growing edge. For the flower slipping free from the bud. People like us do not find a way of be-ing and stick to it. We evolve, and so do our beliefs and practices. Our way of be-ing changes with the seasons, with the decade, with the location. And that’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay. It’s brilliant. Settle into a way of being when it’s time to settle. When you get twitchy, when the things that once worked stop serving you, bounce on your toes – it’s time to change. This doesn’t mean what you were doing before was wrong. It just means you’ve noticed something others might let pass by unseen. And when you notice that little niggling prompt, you alter your ways once again. Life is change, sister. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you something.
  • Connect the Dots. The way you pray might suddenly convert. The names you call God might change. Your understanding of friendship might grow. Your relational rules might expand or contract. Your career goals might radically alter. The way to keep your footing during these little earthquakes is to connect what you are doing back to your values. Your values are deep rooted. They act as touch stones in your fantastic journey. Feeling lost? Gremlins telling you mean things? Wondering why you can’t just be happy with the status quo? Connect the dots back to your core values and feel yourself come into alignment.


Spiritual but not religious? Recovering Evangelical? Jill of all faiths? You might be relig-ish. Browse the posts to learn more, or click here to watch a video about our relig-ish community.

Vina April 4, 2012 at 9:06 am

I love the new look! And I totally love this! All of it! I need to meet you in person!

Rachelle April 5, 2012 at 9:35 am

Thanks Vina. It was lovely to visit your site today. Nia, Motherhood, and more at A Nourshing Home folks, go check it out:

Rachelle April 5, 2012 at 9:41 am

Oh! Just got to the part where it says you live in Seattle. Email me! Let’s have a cuppa.

kazari April 4, 2012 at 3:12 pm

I just wish I didn’t have to do this by myself.
i’m still looking for a community where i fit – I’d happily build one myself if i thought i could. perhaps coming from an unreligious background makes it harder.. i have no place to start, really.
it just feels a bit lonely.

Rachelle April 5, 2012 at 9:38 am

I know Kazari. Me too. Me too.

We’ve done a number of things along the way — and starting from a religous background did at least give us a group of friend who were familiar with the idea of a group coming together to practice something sacred.

Now we meet with just one other family every other weekend for Sunday brunch. We recognize that a meal together is important, so we celebrate that ’round the table. Someone makes sure we each get a chance to “check in” about what’s happened in our lives over the past two weeks. Someone else brings a ‘sacred text’ to read — anything that feels meaningful to them.

It’s simple, and sometimes I still feel lonely, but it’s helping.

May “way” come to you soon.



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