A Blessing for George

For George, who is two months old and in a five hours surgery today.




Little George,

You have worked so hard to get where you are today.
You’ve worked to breathe,
to digest,
to grow.
We are so proud of you, and there is no way, absolutely no way, that we can say in words how grateful we are that you are here.

We know that you have to do something hard again now.
And we want to give you all the love and protection we know how to muster,
to soften the hardness,
to put ease around the edges.

So we bless you today, Baby George,
in the name of Love,
in the name of Life,
in the name of God.

We bless your sweet head, George, as a kiss from the Divine.
We bless your mind to rest easy. We seal in the loving memories of your mother,
and of your father,
of your grandmother,
and your grandfather,
and of all who have held you safe in their arms.
May beautiful colors and images come to you.
May your dreams be sweet.
And may all that goes on in your consciousness be of good health.

We bless these small hands, George. Already so nimble. Already so eager to explore.
We bless you that you might feel your mother and father’s fingers tucked into your curled palm;
beside you throughout the hours,
always at your side.

We bless your heart, George, to beat steady, and your pulse to rest easy.
We bless your immune system That it might be at the ready, strong and ready to do fulfill its role in your healing.
We bless you trachea and your esophagus,
that they might find their proper resting place besides one another,
healed to fulfill their proper role

And finally sweet baby, we bless your feet,
that they may stay tethered to this Earth, the source of support of life,
that you might feel at home here.
That you might know your place,
here in this family,
here in this world,
here in our arms.

George, May God bless you and keep you.
May God make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto.
May God lift up her face upon you, and give you her kiss of peace.
In the name of the God who birthed and created you,
Jesus your brother and friend,
and the Holy Spirit, she who is your guide. Amen

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