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Most Thursdays on the Magpie Girl Facebook page, we have a practice of listing *8Things we are grateful for. This week, in light of our Small is Powerful  theme, I’d like to change it up a little. Can you think of *8 Small Things that have made a big impact in your life and in the life of those around you?  I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours…

*8 Small Things (With Big Impact)

1. Holding my friend’s fussy baby for an hour so she could get some much needed sleep.

2. Helping a hard-up neighbor by paying to have her windshield repaired.

3. Sending an email because someone was on my mind, only to find out it was just what they needed to get through a depressing day.

4. Using a hour of my precious “my-mind-is-still-working” time to write a blog post that brings someone to tears because it offered just-right companionship for them.

5. Writing just one 10-minute “sermon” a month so a small group of thoughtful folks can practice their core values in the world every. single. day.

6. Making french toast so our family and our partner-family can support each other in living a simple, attentive existence with each other and with our friends.

7. Saying hello, making eye contact, and offering my name while passing on a dollar to someone in need.

8. Providing a little after-school care so my co-parenting friends can go make Big Plans for social change overseas. (Big is right-fit for them.)

None of these things are dramatic. None of them would make the news. But each of them made a significant difference in the life of another – without burn-out. Why? Because they were right fit. Because they honored my personhood, and the personhood of others. Because Small is Powerful.

That’s so counter-cultural, I better say it twice:

Small, right-fit acts of kindness, justice, and caring honor your personhood, the personhood of others, and bring healing to the world.  Small is powerful.

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What about you Magpie? What small things are you doing these days that evoke real change? What small thing has been offered to you that impacted you in surprisingly significant ways? Do Tell! (Because like I always say, “There ain’t nowhere to go, but together.”)


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Woz May 10, 2012 at 11:59 am

oh the small and powerful things! i had to think of this for a bit because my first thought was “i don’t do anything like that, do i?” i had to get out of my head because i was thinking, still, of big grand gestures instead of the small and powerful.

1) put a little note in my husband’s lunch. one sentence everyday to hopefully brighten his day.
2) when i take of my son’s shoes and socks, i rub his little feet. his big smile is all the reward in the world.
3) made my first kiva loan. i’m amazed at what seems like a small amount of money can do to change someone else’s entire life.


Sarah May 10, 2012 at 2:51 pm

A few small acts I’ve done lately:
1)Played with my nephew outside today
2)Helped a couple people set up their e-readers at the library where I work (people are sooo grateful for it–especially seniors!)
3) Gave my friend a card and handmade collage because she and her husband are struggling with infertility
4)Read bed time stories to my nephews
5)Bought a coffee for my boss yesterday
6) Suggested new authors to library patrons
7)Chatted on Facebook with a far away friend who is depressed
8)Gave my mom a hug last night

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