Small is Powerful: Finding a Hand to Hold

I’ve been surprised the past few years to discover how many Magpie Girl readers and Flock members are isolated.

You might be isolated by geography. No one in your area can make sense of your creative souls.
You might be  isolated by your physicality. Chronic illness limits your mobility or availability.
You might be isolated by parenting. The demands of infants and toddlers keep you confined.

All of these groups are learning to live into the power of smallness. The first group has to learn to live with just one or two people who “gets” them, instead of a large supportive Tribe. The second group must discover how to hone their perceived “limitations” into superpowers. (Even if they never asked for those goddamn superpowers in the first place!) And the third group must learn to carve out some time for their own personhood, as they seek to care for and honor the personhood of their children.

This life, these lessons — they are challenging. And none of us hold all the solutions and ah-ha moments in our own heads. We need a pool of wisdom if we are to find our right-fit solutions. We need withmates for the journey.

That’s why I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover how online communities can sometimes fill this need. When I first dove into the world of blogs, and Facebook, and social networks, I was skeptical. Could real connection be found online? I’m happy to say that the answer is (sometimes), “yes.”

In this vintage video, I answer these questions:

  • Is there a “There” there in online communities? Or is it all smoke and mirrors?
  • How do virtual communities serve spiritual misfits who are geographically isolated from a relig-ish community?
  • What is the role of online Place for people who are isolated by chronic illness?
  • Can online community empower people to heal and serve in small and powerful ways?

Being with like-minded souls goes a long way when you are learning to be small and powerful. Here’s my 4 minute message about how virtual place can be Real Place, and how it might give you a hand to hold.


Want to be a part of our small, supportive community? Join us at Flock. We’ve made this cozy nest just for you. Welcome Home.



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Sarah May 12, 2012 at 7:43 am

I love how you talk about translating in your head in traditional spiritual services. I feel that way a lot when I attend the Catholic church of my childhood. I never thought of it terms of translating but it’s so true!

Woz May 15, 2012 at 12:06 pm

I absolutely believe that community can be found online. Over the years, I’ve moved many different places and it was my online tribe that felt like my home since there wasn’t a stable, physical one to be had. I consider some people who I’ve never even met in real life to be some of my very closest friends. And I think that’s amazingly awesome pants. :D

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