Church of Art: All is Not Lost

Hello Everyone. If you all will get settled down in to your pews, we’ll begin our service.

It seems fitting as we close our Small is Powerful series, that today’s sermon is brought to you once again by OkGo. This time they are collaborating with coreographer Trish Sie, and the Pilobolus dance company.

(image credit: OkGO Photos)

Remember when Aimee Mullins said you have to have poetry, technology and whimsy? The creative souls behind this video experiment have all three in spades. While it looks complex, this innovate piece really consists of a few small things: bodies, unitards, plexiglass. Add some clever digital editing, and you have a thing of great wonder. Type in a meaningful message in at the begining, and you even end up with a powerful sermon. (Might I suggest a new motto? Small Things. Great Love.)

To get your personalize sermon from OkGo just click here. (If your browser is buggy, use Chrome for  best results.)

What about you Magpie? What is your small and powerful motto?

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