New Show Launches on Sogo Media!

I’m happy to announce that Relig-ish, my new show on Sogo Media, has launched today! I’ll be there every Wednesday to walk you through the in’s and out’s of creating a right-fit spiritual practice. From identifying your core values, to establishing soulcare habits, we’ll move through the process you’ve watched unfold here at Magpie Girl in a more concise,  step-by-step way. It’s almost like an ecourse, only it’s absolutely free!

SoGo is a new “channel” on youtube featuring progressive thinkers and teachers who have roots in the Christian faith. Some are wear the collar and stand behind the pulpit, where others (like me) live on the far edge of faith, blending traditions with a free hand. Brian McLaren of A New Kind of Christian fame started the launch-week off by suggesting that those of us who have left church to create a more right-fit practice might actually be spirit-lead visionaries. (It helps when someone with authority points this kind of thing out.) And Tripp Hudgins and I have already been able to do a virtual back and forth on the topic of abundance.

As a faithful Magpie Girl reader I could really use your help. I’d like to get this new video work out to the people who need it most. Could you help me spread the good word? Here are three simple ways you can offer support:

1. Subscribe to the channel buy clicking the “+ subscribe” button at the top of this page. (This is a profit sharing adventure. Subscriptions and your views of my show help make this sustainable for all.)

2. Share the inaugural episode of Relig-ish on your Facebook page using this link:

3. Click to Tweet the good word!

I truly appreciate your support on this, my newest venture! Let’s go be Relig-ish together!


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