Church of Art: Blue Christmas

Hello Everyone. If you all will get settled down in to your pews, we’ll begin our service.

Ah, Christmas.

There was the year Paul’s lung collapsed on our drive from Seattle to San Francisco. Or the time one of my relatives hid out in the bedroom most of the holiday. Or those three years when I really didn’t know what to do about Christmas because I was, gradually, gradually leaving church.

For the most part, I adore Christmas. But sometimes, all you ever get for Christmas is blue.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot this year. I have far-flung friends and acquaintances who are entering this season of “comfort and joy,” from places that seem lacking in both. Hard things have befallen them — break up’s, an aging parent’s passing, hospitalized kids, a scary diagnosis.

It’s hard to be present to Christmas when life is heavy, when your days are not merry and bright.
(You are not alone.)

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I’m never quite sure how to advise people who are having a hard Christmas. But I know what helps in ordinary time.

Deep breaths.
Time with a story that takes you somewhere else for awhile.
Saying “no.”
Saying, “help.”
A big box of tissues.
Walks in the dark.

And this song, from the songwriting healers, Karen and Linford of Over the Rhine. May it be balm to you today.

Peace like a river. Love like an ocean.

*your magpie girl

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