28Days: The Healing Power of Whimsy

Welcome to 28 Days— a soulcare series designed to help us live intentionally in the aftermath of the Newtown Tragedy. Please join us as we explore 28 ways to engage in this sobering reality with honesty and hope. For Facebook covers and more information click here. Thank you for being here today. 

Day One: Whimsy Heals

Earlier this week one of my Flock members wrote that her grandfather had died, and that the very same week she was going to Disney World. The juxtaposition seemed so great — too big a breech between the painful loss held within her family, and the vast exuburance of a magical kingdom.

It’s okay, I told her. Whimsy heals.

When reality is crushingly heavy.
When words don’t come.
When the truth is too painful to hear one more time — we turn to imagination, to story, to a narrative that might be impossible, and yet, somehow, it works.

It works because it provides relief. It helps us see things in a new light. It lets us rest awhile in a safer, warmer place. And in that spaciousness, healing arrives.

That’s why we are starting the 28 Days program with a whimsical way to act and heal.  The Ravelry group, 600 Monsters, is on a quest to send each child at Sandy Hook a hand-made monster who will help them chase away the darkness. (It’s amazing how powerful stuffed goofiness can be.)

Get out your needles and knit some hearts back together, one stitch at at time. But jump on it! Monsters are needed by January 31st for a Big Love delivery to Newtown.

600 Monsters: Ravelry, Facebook, Instagram, #600monsters

I’m helping Sandy Hook kids scare away the darkness with #600monsters.
Join me in the next #28days! http://bit.ly/ZYmh3Y

pass it on!

Today’s healing act is in memory of Charlotte Helen Bacon, 6, the beloved daughter of Joel and JoAnn Bacon, and sister of Guy Bacon.  Charlotte was an extraordinarily gifted 6-year-old who filled her family each day with joy and love. The family will forever remember her beautiful smile, her energy for life, and the unique way she expressed her individuality, usually with the color pink. Charlotte never met an animal she didn’t love, and since the age of 2 wanted to be a veterinarian. She also enjoyed practicing Tae Kwon Do weekly with her dad and brother, where she relished kicking and throwing punches. (The kind of girl who would dig a good stuffed monster, don’t you think?) *source info

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Laurie January 3, 2013 at 9:38 pm

Oh Rachelle. *sigh* I, like others, have been oh-so-consciously attempting to block out the pain and emotions my heart is feeling since this terrible tragedy, protecting myself by focusing mainly on my outrage and disbelief. I have been torn between wanting to know everything I can about each lost angel to being terrified to even learn their names. I have felt such a need to just love love love over the past few weeks, but the conflicting emotions of sorrow, rage and sick-to-my-stomach-ness is about to do me in. Thank you for these 28 days to honor and act in the name and memory of these precious souls. I know that I need to remember. act. heal.
And isn’t Charlotte such a little sweetheart smiling in the snow in her polka-dot hat! ~xo~

Rachelle January 5, 2013 at 3:07 pm

It’s a balance isn’t it, between honestly feeling the pain, and not gorging on the news to create more injury. I’m curious to know how we can be honest about our emotions, move towards healing, and practice compassion. I’m glad you are exploring with me!

Kimberly January 4, 2013 at 8:59 am

I lost my church in September, my grandfather in October, My grandmother in December… and I’m headed to Disney in March! Disney World has designated 2013 as a year of magical experiences, so I’m going ahead and claiming that for myself, as well.

Rachelle January 5, 2013 at 3:08 pm

A year of magical experiences sounds like something we all could benefit from!

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