28 Days: Inhale Compassion. Exhale Love.

Welcome to 28 Days— a soulcare series designed to help us live intentionally in the aftermath of the Newtown Tragedy. Please join us as we explore 28 ways to engage in this sobering reality with honesty and hope. For Facebook covers and more information click here. Thank you for being here today. 


On day one of 28, one of the magpies said, “And isn’t Charlotte such a little sweetheart smiling in the snow in her polka-dot hat! ~xo~”

My heart soared and I thought, “Yes! Yes she is.”

Then came the realization that the smiling little girl in the photograph was gone.

That’s how life is. The ebb and the flow of it.
The hot and the cold of it.
The joy mixed with the sorrow.

What can you do with this up and down? How do you walk when the ground beneath you is heaving?

My wise friend Liz Lamoreux knows. Let’s all breathe this prayer together
(Amen? Amen)

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Will you breathe this prayer with me? “Exhale Love” for Newtown. #28days

Today’s healing act is in memory of Daniel Gerard Barden, 7, cherished son of Jacqueline and Mark, beloved brother of James and Natalie. Daniel was the light of his family’s life. Adored and admired by all, Daniel touched the lives of all who knew him with his warmth, inspiring spirit of kindness, and generosity, outgoing and affectionate nature, and his imaginative play. He loved spending time with his family, both immediate and extended, riding waves at the beach, playing the drums in a band with his brother James and sister Natalie, foosball, reading, and making s’mores around the bonfire with his cousins at his “Papa’s” house in Smallwood, N.Y. Daniel was on the Newtown soccer team and the Newtown Torpedoes swim team.  *source info

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Laurie January 6, 2013 at 11:07 pm

Another angel gets his tiny little wings, another shuddering tear falls across the nation for the loss of this shining light. Daniel’s darling toothless little grin and sweet exuberance will live on in the hearts of those he touched in his far too short time here. Inhaling and exhaling compassion, love and peace, in Daniels honor.~xo~

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