Simple Soulcare: Intention Setting

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Listen friends what i want to tell you is this…

Life goes by fast.

Or rather, it goes by at the same speed all the time. But the way we jam up our days with to-do’s and to-don’ts makes it seem like life flies by.

So in a way, it’s true. Time does flies.

Life can slip past you when you aren’t looking.

This is the state of our modern, urban world. We work in buildings where we can’t see the sun’s shadow pass across the ground at our feet. We let the tick of clocks and the “ping” of appointment reminders conduct our days. We allow our to-do lists dictate how we “spend” this commodity. We are disconnected from time’s natural anchor points — the brightening and dimming of the sky, the turn of bud and blossom and leaf. The rise and fall of celestial bodies.

And so time remains a mystery to us. A slippery eel in a vast and unknown sea. (When it  could be our bosom companion.)

It’s not entirely bad that we live in this modern space. There are lots of thing about this kind of life to appreciate. Central heat, for instance. Clean water. Antibiotics, and washing machines, and fresh produce year-round.

Still, we need to  be aware of how the mechanization of times shapes our day.
We need to be careful that we don’t surrender our lives.

Here is the good news.

You don’t have to unravel your modern world to do this.
You don’t have to go off-grid, live on the side of a mountain, become Amish.
(Though if you want to, that’s absolutely fine. Especially the Amish part. I love the Amish.)

No, it’s simpler than that.

All you need to do to regain control of your life is to become intentional.

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I know this idea is not new here, in our inspirational corner of the internet. Still it bears repeating, and Mary Oliver says it best:

You have this one life–wild and passionate, or everyday and beautiful, or all-of-the-above. How do you intend to spend its seconds, spooling out like a ribbon before you?

This is what I mean when I talk about becoming intentional:

Owning your life, the hot and the cold of it, the ebb and the flow of it.

Stepping into a new day, not with rush and panic and confusion, but with clarity, and that quiet burning fervor that heats a confident soul.

Rolling out of bed, putting your feet on the ground and knowing, “Here. I live here.”

Are you ready to take a minute with me each Monday and answer Mary Oliver’s key question? Can you set your intentions before you with simplicity and purpose? Will you take control of your life?

I think you are. I know you can. I hope you will.

Join� us Monday mornings in the Flock and have a whole community of wild, precious life-ers rooting for you. (Just a little extra heat to cook up the life you have planned for your fine self.)

I commission you then, to set your intentions; to live your wild, precious life.

(Amen? Amen.)

Much Warmth,

*your magpiegirl

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