Relig-ish: Not a None

This has been liked, disliked, and called a “rant-let” and a “diatribe.”

And here all I was hoping to do was correct a couple mis-assumptions and throw some support to my beloved relig-ish folks! (Especially the post-church ones who get a lot of flack for being ‘lazy’ or ‘wishy-washy.’)

What about you my Magpie? How do you like to self-define as far as your spirituality goes? Tell us what it is about your soulful life that makes you full, rich and definitely not a None.

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I am not a None. Are you?


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Lori January 24, 2013 at 6:53 am

Rachelle, I can only imagine the people who called this a diatribe (and part of me wants to go see if the etymology of “diatribe” has anything to do with “tribe,” but I won’t. Right this minute, anyway) and why this angers them so much, but I see it as walking calmly but passionately into the fray to defend your own tribe, and rightfully so. Every word you said is true, and I, for one, appreciate the support. I spent more than ten years outside the fold of a church community and have only recently returned to the fringes of one–a good one, filled with a strong sense of social justice and spiritual commitment. Yet, I find myself unable to move much beyond the fringes of that community, and my personal spiritual life–the one that carried me through unchurched years–remains my spiritual core. And you are right–it is NOT lazy. Prayer, meditation, a consciousness of the ever-presence of the Spirit hovering/inhabiting, and being always sensitive to the nudging of intuition and the sound of the still, small voice are constants of my spiritual core. This good church has taught me, though, that my spiritual convictions can be and are shared by people in church and lived in the context of community, something I never expected and sometimes still can hardly believe.

I can only guess that you struck a nerve with this sermon, perhaps one that pecks at the great divide between conventional and unconventional tribes? But I see it as a manifesto of support for those of us–and I still include myself in this tribe, church or not–whose spirituality defies comfortable, tidy definition and does not fit into (and will not stay confined in) a box, and as a compassionate tool of learning between people on both sides of the discussion. But we are definitely not “Nones.” Keep preaching. Thanks.

Kimberley McGill January 24, 2013 at 11:06 am

Oh Rachelle, thank you for this!! I especially appreciate it after an experience I had recently with a Buddhist meditation teacher and study guide. I thought I had found a place where I could meditate in a group setting, get guidance about meditation and meet a few folks along the way. What I encountered was so disheartening and I left feeling heartbroken. I wasn’t looking for a place to “join” but just a place to meditate and be with others who meditate. {{sigh}}
It’s also quite interesting that just minutes before reading this I read an article that said exactly the things you spoke about – that being ‘spiritual’ is being lazy, that we pick things only on the basis of making it easier and we don’t take on the practices that might challenge us. While I can see how that could be true of some – what I’ve experienced is people looking to feel authentic and who open themselves to introspection as well as experience engaging with the world and doing both in ways that are loving, compassionate and healthy.
Once again – thanks!

kat January 24, 2013 at 1:34 pm

Tears sprang to my eyes as your “rant” concluded. This point of view is so needed, especially today. Bravo, woman, for your courage and particularly laser sharp focus as you voice this point of view. It is a lot of work, especially, within oneself, to come to this place, and I thank you for your recognition of that work.
With blessings to you for your work and huge thanks for sharing this in the world! One voice becomes many, and many can change the world ~ Aho!

The Creative Beast January 25, 2013 at 1:10 am

This video is SO FULL OF TRUTH and informative since I didn’t now about the Pew research and the category of ‘None’…I had no idea that my choice to be ‘spiritual’ was being translated into being LAZY!!?!
Thank you for speaking out and ‘educating the audeince’ about the reality of being spiritual – that those of us on a quest are far from lazy since it does take time and learning of each religious practice to find something that truly resonates within, instead of blindly following a creed that may not feel joyful to us. Finding a right fit is WORK, especially as we approach each branch of faith as a newbie, having to learn from the beginning what each faith entails in practice and ritual.
Many thanks to the previous commenters for sharing their stories – they resonate for me greatly, as does your video. Hallelujah and Amen to Sister Rachelle!

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