Be Kind to Your Baby Soul

Hi Magpie!

Just a quick note to let you know what’s the what…

I’m pleased as punch to be guesting at Kind Over Matter today. Amanda invited me to write for her series Kindness in Business. If you’d like to hear how I came be a caregiver for creative souls,  or if you’ve ever wondered how I went from pastor to Flock leader, click on by.

I’m going off line for a few days to work on my book, which may (or may not) be titled Becoming Relig-ish. If you want to see some bits-and-bobs previews click here.  My sweet borrowed cabin is blissfully cell and wifi free, so I won’t be able to cross post this week’s episode of Relig-ish, but you can find it on Wednesday if you click over to Sogo Media.

Thanks for taking the time to read these words and share this journey.

(I appreciate you.)

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl


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