How to Keep Your Creative Space Clear


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How to Keep Your Creative Space Clear

When I was a pastor there was a lot of talk amongst my colleagues about what we should call the space in which we worked.

Was it an “office”–a place to do business, and maybe some counseling?
Was it a “study”–a place to hole-up and block out the world while you studied Greek and wrote your sermons?
Or was it a “studio”–a place where you connected with the creative energy of The Divine, and took on apprentices?

(I bet you can guess which one I preferred!)

Now I take care of creative souls, and my work space is a studio in the small bedroom at the top of the stairs. My friend painted the room a soft yellow with a dark lavender ceiling. My father took off the sliding doors and converted the closet into a niche for mixed media work. The girls painted watercolors for the wall by the window. And I brought the goldfish. (Her name is Virginia. Get it? Because I have a room of my own.)

To me, the studio is holy. A sacred space set-aside to offer soulcare to myself and others — through writing and collage, videos and coaching calls.

When my sacred space gets clogged up, my work doesn’t flow.
When my creative space gets cluttered, my brain gets foggy.
And when I don’t use the studio enough, stagnation sets in and the couch starts looking better and better.

This month in my online soulcare community Flock, we are celebrating Simplicity through the practice of Space Clearing. We’ve been clearing our dinning room tables, de-cluttering the corner we keep meaning to use for meditation, and even shoveling out our overly-busy monkey minds. After receiving the video lesson this month, one of my Flock members reached out in our private Facebook group and asked for some advice on clearing out her creative space. Since that’s a common conundrum amongst creative folks, I thought I’d share our Flock advice with y.o.u.

Here (in a 5 minute video) are 4 reasons your creative space keeps getting cluttered, along with some tips for clearing it out (and keeping it clear.)

May your holy space help you connect with what you hold most dear today.

(Amen? Amen.)

Much Warmth,

*your magpie girl

The Creative Beast March 20, 2013 at 2:23 pm

Thank you for this awesome video! The tips you share are very helpful as I struggle with my ‘sewing room’/studio space, which has gotten terribly cluttered and packed with too much stuff…I can see how not honoring my ‘sewing room’ has led to not using it! I will keep these concepts firmly in mind as I begin the task of turning my ‘sewing room’ into a general studio space, because I would love to have my dining table back for entertaining friends in my humble abode =-)

Rachelle March 20, 2013 at 4:40 pm

I love how you are connecting the core purpose of each space to it’s function. You’ll love having space for both of these things you value — hospitality and creativity!

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