What Whimsy Taught Her

It’s not a stellar picture, but it was a stellar moment.

I spent a little time in the eastern side of the state this week, where it’s less like a rain forest and more like a desert. Much to my pleasure, my morning walks could be done in tank tops and required a sun hat. As I walked through the small town streets, working up a sweat, I came across this lowly lawn sprinkler. My first impulse was to jump through it.

My second impulse was to not.

My gremlins got chatty:

That’s not strictly speaking, necessary.
I’ll look silly.

I’ll get wet.
What if I have to walk all the way home is soggy sweats?
It’s not my front lawn… 

Then the Muse whispered to me, “Practice Whimsy.”

So through the sprinkler I ran!

As I walked the rest of the loop back to my room, I thought about the lessons I learned from the one silly moment:

  • Sometimes things aren’t as uncomfortable as you think. (Like wet clothes.)
  • Even if they are, it’s worth the pleasure. (Of leaping through sparkling water.)
  • No one cares what you are up to.
  • And if they are, you might inspire them. (The mom walking behind me let her kids run through too!)
  • Joy is worthy.

The Muse is waiting for you to reconnect with joy today. Whimsy awaits.

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What might Whimsy teach you? Join us in the Flock for Whimsy practice all through the month of May and find out. (Join any time. I’ll send you the lessons.)

Love and Sprinklers,

*your magpie girl



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Kimberley McGill May 11, 2013 at 12:47 pm

Your story touched my whimsy bones!

Joy May 12, 2013 at 7:19 pm

Love this– your magical sprinkler moment, courtesy of whimsy! :)

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