The Power of Unusual Choices

Are you naturally inclined to make unusual choices?
Maybe you’ve had surprise decisions thrust upon you?
Perhaps you want to do something unexpected, but don’t know how?

Me, I am known for my unexpected choices. Here are just a handful I’ve made over the years:

  • Woke up from a dream and decided going to seminary was the Thing To Do. (Even though I’d never considered it before.)
  • Took in the neighbor’s 14 year old and got him through his high school years as part of our extended family.
  • Decided to move to Copenhagen in the length of time it took to make a collage.
  • Left the church and created a whole new way of being a relig-ish community.

I am a full-fledged believer in the power of unusual choices. So whether you make them all the time, encountered them unexpectedly, or just want to learn how to bravely buck the status quo–I am in your corner!

I want to help you understand the importance of making those choices.
I want you to see how you are skilled enough and powerful enough to determine your own unique way in this world.
And I want you to be inspired by the stories of others, so you can see new ways of living, even when–especially when–it means you have to do something outside of the norm.

That’s why I’ve invited Jenna McGuiggan to help us tell stories of unusual choices at Soulsisters ’13. Who is Jenna? Why is storytelling the way to go? And what might you learn from telling your tale? Watch this 5 minute video to learn a bit more about the power of storytelling…

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