The Power of Selfies (And Other Handy Thoughts)

I have stellar colleagues. They are full of wisdom, generous of heart, and able to distill their smarts into bite-sized tips. That’s why I’m interviewing some of my favorite co-conspirators as we walk along together on the way to our gathering of Soul Sisters this fall.

Today I’m chatting with photographer and teacher Vivienne McMaster. Vivienne gets behind the mic to answer questions about the power of in real life meet ups, why selfies are actually really important, and gives us her tips on how to be comfy meeting new people. Vivienne, step right up…


Are you picking up with Vivienne is laying down? Then spend more time with Viv and Anna Guest-Jelly in their brand new course, Practice: Embodying your Curvy + Beloved Body. (It’s starts August 26th. Go, go, go!) Want to meet her in real life? Join us at Soul Sisters by clicking here. (Tell us Viv sent you!)

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