What are you truly hungry for? (And one way to find it.)

Are you hungry for connection? Companionship? Friendship? You are not alone.

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In fact, when Rachel Cole surveyed her friends, follows, and clients the results were loud and clear–almost all of us are hungry for more interpersonal connection. Whether it is a friend you can count on, or a romantic partner you can kiss on, we need more than what Facebook and the glowing screen can provide.  As Rachel is fond of saying: “You aren’t needy, you’re starving.”

There are many ways to feed the friendship hunger, but one of the most immersive ways is to go on retreat with like minded souls. That’s why Rachel and I are welcoming the women in our overlapping circles to join us October 25-27th at the Soul Sister’s gathering outside of Portland. We’re fortunate enough to have made quality on-line connections, and to have converted them into in real life meets. And we want to foster the same opportunities for you.

In this friendly video, Rachel and I talk about our own trepidation around meeting people at retreats — and how being brave really paid off as we met blog crushes and new folks who continue to be supportive friends. Rachel also gives some really comforting advice about feeding your deep hungers. (Hint: it’s not as hard as you might think.) And, she gives her best advice on how to make a terrific meet in a crowd — especially if you are introverted or highly sensitive.

Although I adore Rachel, and say so up front, this isn’t one of those videos where people-you-follow on line get together and gush over one another. That just makes you feel worse, and we want you to feel better. No, this right here is real life proof that you can meet the people you need in your life and feed your other hungers as well. So make a cuppa and spend 20 minutes getting a little food for your soul.

Rachel…step right up!


Are you hungry for what Rachel is dishing up? Join her and 7 of our favorite co-conspirators as we gather, learn and laugh together with y.o.u. at Soul Sisters. Invest in what you’re truly hungry for, and watch your longings dissipate as you become well-fed. Click here to register. (Tell us Rachel sent you!)

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