Chakra Love with Bridget Pilloud

I remember when I was pregnant, it got to the point in the gestational game where I just wanted them to be here already!

That’s how I feel this week, just ten days away from the first annual Soul Sisters gathering.

(The expectation! The hopefulness! The can’t-wait-to-see-your-face-ness of it all!)

I feel so grateful for my co-conspirators who are bringing their very best wisdom and know-how. To the unexpected circus-gals bringing hula hoops and spangles. And to each and every woman who has registered and said, “Yes, I’ll join the circle. I’ll share my strength. I’ll come gather, learn, and laugh with you.” Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

I’m going to duck behind my desk now and finish up the last of the typing, and printing, and tying on of bows. But I have a special guest to keep you company while I’m in the final phase.

Meet Soul Sister presenter, Bridget Pilloud. Now I’m a cautious one when it comes to the woo-and-the-woo, and I approach unfamiliar-to-me practices with a little trepidation. But even for a skeptic like me, Bridget wipes away nervousness about dipping a toe into the chakra waters. Her accessible language, down to earth approach, and deep intuitive skill have brought me to an new kind of mind-body awareness. 

After working with her just a few times I know more about why the computer impacts my ability to read novels and non-fiction and how to counter that effect (it has to do with your third eye chakra. And I’ve learned how connecting to chakras in my core strengthens my sense of power. Bridget can really 1-2-3 you through each and every one of your intuitive zones. (So glad she’s bringing her Chakra Love workshop to Soul Sisters!)

Why not listen in to learn about the power of in-real-life meets, get the 101 on Chakra Love, and gain some tips a bout making time in a crowd comfy and fun with this podcast? Bridget, step right up….

Are you picking up what Bridget is laying down? You can find her work as a “practicing human” at Intuitive Bridge. Live near Portland, or a whiz-bang and getting last minute flights? Join us! We have six seats left at Soul Sisters. (I’m pretty sure that one right there is for you.)

magdalena October 19, 2013 at 9:28 am

I have been reading the posts here about Soul Sisters and love the idea… I cannot make it this year – I live very far in Poland- but I am sure the event will be fantastic, hope to hear how it went and dream of being able to come next year!

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