From My Heart To Yours, At The Threshold of a New Year

Dear Friend –

I thought I might write a separate post about my new heartfelt offering. Then I realized, all my offering pages are just love letters from me to you. So here it is, my magpie love, my very best talents for your very blessed year. Thank you for being with me as this work of the heart has evolved.

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl 

It’s the New Year and you’re ready for a fresh start. You set your intentions. You pick your word. You are ready to begin again.

But who is there to send you outward and onward?
Who sweeps the path in front of you?
Who say “yes” and “amen” to your first steps?

Where is the wise mother? The mentor? The priestess to bless you on your journey?

We live in a culture bereft of meaningful ritual—our wise women hidden, our withmates, lost. I’m here to bring those back to you–like a home coming, as blessing.

Bespoke Blessings are custom-made words of wisdom for your fresh start. Written in sacred space by an experienced spiritual guide, these poetic words will act as your North Star throughout the year.

A bespoke blessing keeps your hopes for 2014 at the forefront of your awareness. It turns a wish into action by drawing your attention again and again to the thing you value most. And most importantly (although perhaps most subtly) is sends you off with a kiss.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You set New Year’s resolutions that are based in shame and self-recrimination. (Hint: They start with “I should” instead of “I want.”)
  • Your goals are too strenuous to keep up. Within a few weeks you feel discouraged.
  • You’ve stopped doing anything special to start the New Year, because you can never keep your resolutions anyway.
  • When you do come upon a meaningful idea for your fresh start, there’s no way to keep it consistently in the forefront of your consciousness.

A Bespoke Blessing:

  • Greets your mind/body/spirit with a call for compassionate personal growth in the New Year.
  • Shifts your focus away from resolutions towards soulful guidance.
  • Affirms your gifts, values, and talents.
  • Speaks to your hopeful future (especially when times get tough.)
  • Gives you something concrete to turn to again and again, drawing your awareness back to that ah-ha moment that inspired you from the start.

“Thank you Rachelle. Your blessing has already begun helping. I’ve begun releasing all the conventions that bind me and make me feel anxious. There’s so much energy around, and I am much more peaceful. Powerful stuff you have there.” –Nessa C

No matter what form my work as a spiritual caregiver has taken over the years, blessings have always been a key component. I’m grateful to have been invited to write blessings for all kinds of important moments. I’ve crafted blessings for the newly born and the newly married. I’ve offered words of blessing for premature babies, scary surgeries, and other trying times. I’ve blessed 500 mile pilgrimages, new homes, studio openings, and even a parade!

But I never really realized the impact of these words until I wrote and recorded blessings for members of my online community, Flock.

In 2013, as the Flock sent in their words for the year, I would clear a space in my studio, light a candle and let the pen flow. Each blessing poured out a like a poem. I translated them one by one from my chicken-scratch notes into to black and white type, then leaned over my mic and recorded each one, so the receiver could hear my voice.

Right away I thought. “There’s something special going on here.” But it wasn’t until I started receiving the thank-you notes that I really understood how deep our hunger is for a word of blessing.

“Rachelle, I am speechless. Thank you so much for the perfect words. The images the words paint are beautiful. I am grateful for your time and the gift of your blessing.”
– Laurie R.

The Bespoke Blessing Bundle includes:

  • A guided meditation (audio) to help you discover your guiding-star word for the year.
  • A customized blessing written for you.
  • An attractive PDF poster of your blessing for you to print and hang as a visual reminder.
  • A recording of me speaking the blessing over you – so you can return to it for comfort and guidance throughout the year.

“Thank you so much for my blessing. It’s perfect! And so what I needed to hear. Plus I love the spoken word recording – it gave my blessing much more power!”
-Sarah P.

You might have a question or two…

When do I need to know my word of the year?
You can send me your word any time before February 15th.

When will I received my blessing?
Please allow two weeks for me to write and record your piece for you.

Can I give a blessing as a gift?
Yes! Just include the email of recipient in the comment box on the order form.

Can I request a blessing for something other than my word of the year?
Yes. I’m happy to write a blessing for any occasion including: birthdays, pregnancies/deliveries, anniversaries, new jobs or adventures, relationships, passings, studio openings, new homes, weddings of all sorts, or any special event. Just drop a note in the comment box on the order form and I’ll be in touch to fine tune your blessing needs.

“Your blessing is helping me enter into relationships with boldness rather than timidity, believing that what I have to offer is of value.” –Janie B.

Because of the focus required for me to create something of meaning and beauty, I can only offer 20 Bespoke Blessings for the New Year. So if you’d like warm words calling you back to the way you want to live in 2014, please sign up today.

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl

“Just wanted to say how blown away I am with the blessings you write.  You are truly touching hearts. ”
–Shannon L.

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