What You are Missing

Bright eyed and happy in my caregiving studio.

I’ve been thinking a lot these past few months about how I work as a spiritual director, coach, and caregiver. After struggling for years to find my rhythm in this new world of soulcare, I finally started to find my stride last year. 

I found ways to price and partner that allow my work to be sustainable – both in regards to effort and costs.

I started coaching via email — which is right-fit for me because it gives me time to sit with your stories before I respond. (Listening takes time. I don’t like the tick tock of the clock on 50 minute calls.)

I began gathering people together in real life — first with the big Soul Sisters retreat, and now in 2014 with groups of 12-20 at The Giving Table (a fundraiser), at a party in February (in the works), and at Gather in May. (If you are reading this on the blog and not in your inbox…hop on over to the mailing list so I can send you invitations!)

But the main thing I’m sinking into these days when it comes to taking care of your creative soul is noticing the blank spots.

I  watch how you all move as a community — online and in real life — and I pay attention to what is missing.

I listen for it in your conversations.
I see it reflected in your tears.
I discover it in the way you move your bodies.
I ask, and you tell me.

(But sometimes you don’t even know what you know, so mostly I have to watch.)

In the parlance of my people this is called exegesis. When you exegete as story you extract meaning. Exegetes look at the themes in the narrative, observe symbols, take note of recurring situations, and pay attention when one sentence seems more weighty than the other. 

And then, because this exegete also happen to be a caregiver…

I diagnose.
I prescribe.
I set healing in motion.
I see what’s missing and we bring it to the table.

Over the next few days I’d like to share a few things that I’ve noticed about my magpie’s lately. Things you may be missing. Things you probably need- – even if you haven’t quite named that need yet. (I’ll give you a tip. The missing bit feels like a vague hunger right now. But when you hear me talk about it, you’ll say, “Yes! That!” And then you will know what to do.)


I’ll be back with more tomorrow. (Because I like you, and want to give you all things good and needful.)

Much Warmth,
Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl


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