What Your Calendar is Missing

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of tired of hearing how isolated we are.
How online connections aren’t “real” connections.
How the nuclear family is too spread wide to be of any support.
How we don’t know our neighbors.

This may be real, this isolation.

Our kids no longer walk school.
Our urban and suburban dwellings don’t require a barn raising.
And church potlucks are largely a thing of the past.

But you know what?
We are movers and shakers, you and I.
I’d like us to do more than bemoan this cultural shift.
I’d like to shape it.

To get over the isolation hump and step into new community, we need to engage playfully with The Questions:

  • How often do you need to meet with someone to have significant connection?
  • What do our new soulful gathering places look like if they are no longer in cathedral?
  • What mix of virtual and in-real-life, every day and once a year, learn and play do we need?
  • What does a gathered tribe look like in a life that includes distance, virtual connection, and the old fashion need to have a hand to hold?

I’m not sure yet, but I’m having fun figuring it out. And I’ve discovered a few things.

  • You don’t have to meet every week, in real life, to have a significant connection.
  • There’s a real THERE there in on line community — but at some point we need to touch.
  • One ah-ha moment at a weekend conference can be as impactful as year of Sunday sermons.
  • Meeting in real life carries with it an energy that propels us through the in between times.
  • P0werful things happen when women gather. (So hold on to your hats!)

All of these discoveries lead me to this salient point:

This is what your calendar is missing, friend:
You need to meet with like-minded souls in real life.

This internet stuff, it’s golden. It helps us reach across space and find like minded souls. But it’s not really enough. Not for the long game.

So I am creating opportunities to gather. Small groups and large, one-off’s and ongoing.

I’m not going to lie, it’s costly, this in-gathering. There are rooms to rent, and skills to pay for, and hours to invest in the hosting. Yes, the costs are there. But it’s because the gathering is valuable. It’s how we have life-shifting moments, build long lasting memories, and obtain life-skills that shape the future — ours, our family’s, our neighborhood’s, our world.

So what do we–as women, as people of power and skill–what do we need to do in order to gather?

  • We need to stop resisting the fact that gathering costs money.
  • We need to plan ahead.
  • We need to start naming the value in our gatherings — what we’ve learned, how we’ve healed, where we’ve been restored. (Lavet does a great job of that here.)
  • We need to provide a few seats at the table for those of us who are truly strapped.

Most of all, we need to accept that we are worth the investment, and that investment in our own self care will be reflected in the way we meet and serve others.

I’m on a haphazard exploration of the true and the questions around community. I’ve got an online Flock, who would love to welcome you. And I have some essential in real life meet ups as well. (I hope you’ll scroll down and save the dates!)

More over, I hope you’ll throw open your own doors. That you”ll invite sit folks on your couch, or join someone on theirs. I hope you’ll shape the future of our community with me, starting here. Starting now.

What about you, my magpie friend?

Are you ready to meet like minded souls in real life?
Will you make empowering friendships a top priority?
Can you invest in connections and community?

I think you are.
I know you can.
I hope you will.

(Amen? Amen.)


Upcoming Magpie Girl Gatherings include:

I’m creating studio parties that pack a soulful punch! Join me February 7th at photographer Tim Aguero’s Seattle studio and get a start on one love-filled year. New portraits by Tim. New Passion Card readings by me.  Click here for tickets.

Spinning off from the full-sized Soul Sister’s event, comes the more intimate Gather — a small group, laser-focused day long workshop. Our first time to Gather is May 10th at the Georgetown Stables in Seattle for a Body Compassion workshop, followed by one amazing special guest. Save the Date!

It’s all together now as we round up our full circle of Soul Sisters at McMenamin’s Edgefield farm/resort in Portland, OR. We’re still working on dates for Fall/Winter -14-15. So if you are prioritizing your travel funds, set some aside for some sister time.

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