Get More Passion (It's in the cards.)

How one twin knows when the other has broken her arm on ski slop three states away.
How we are all made of stardust.
Why the children cannot replace the roll of toilet paper.

There are many mysteries in life. We cannot know them all.

Oh, we can theorize and explore. Do blind studies and run lab rats through mazes. Poke, and prode, and make assumptions. But there is much we will never know. At least, not in our life time.

I like knowledge, I do. Discovering how my body processes sugar healed me of many aliments. Knowing how her brain functions helps my daughter manage her migraines. Learning a little html made it possible to blog.

But I’m okay with mystery as well. It’s like J.J. Abrams said in his TED Talk:

Sometimes mystery is more important than knowledge.

I’ve decided to step into that mystery this year. I’ve decided to see what’s in the cards.

These are the prototypes for a new kind of card readings — Passion Cards. Each one has a blessing on the back — for desire, romance, intimacy, anticipation, comfort and more. In your love life, yes. But also in your work, and your play, and all the nebulous spaces in between. I’ll be premiering them February 7th at my first Art + Soul party. Dealing them out with love and attention to bless people with these things in all the heat-worthy parts of their lives.

Why have I chosen this methodology? Why these cards?

I’ve been observing the circles I move in of late, and I’ve noticed something. While many of us would self-describe as spiritual–or maybe spiritual-but-not-religious–almost as many of us struggle to explain what that means. Even more so, we are a little bit bereft of practices in this post-religious world. Or perhaps it is the opposite. As spiritual eclectics we are overwhelmed by the buffet of possible practices before us.

Yes, I’ve been watching how we are navigating this conundrum, and I’ve notices that we like cards.

Maybe it’s because the are beautiful, and art is a conduit to the Divine.
Maybe it’s because they offer soft interpretation, so we can trust our gut and have free will.
Maybe it’s because they are connected to a long history of feminine ways of knowing.
Most likely it is all this and more.

If cards are our medium, than that is what I will use to send out the message.

Hello you, step forward with bravery.
Hello you, be blessed as you go.
Hello you, you already have everything you need.

That’s what these Passion Card readings are for, friend. Not to divine your future. Not to reveal your path. But simply, to bless you on your journey.

To give you some of the things you need.
To show you some of the things you desire.
To gift you with some of   the things you never knew that were missing.

I hope these cards will grow with power and finesse as they are used. I hope that the words they contain will sustain you and encourage you on. And I hope that together, we will find the right-fit collection of practices that allow you to live your powerful, healing, soulful life in this hungry world.

Amen? Amen.

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