Four Ways To Power Up Your Word of the Year

Before we get to far into February, cast your mind back to January 1st and your word of the year. Do you have plan to makes space for it to arrive? It’s nice to pick a guiding star word. But if it’s going to have impact in your life, you have to put a little punch behind it. Here are four ways to power up your word of the year.

Display it in your home. Vision boards aren’t all smoke and mirrors. Putting something you desire in your line of sight has a neurological impact. It trains your reticular cells – the part of your brain that helps you pick out what’s important to you from within a sea of input. These are the same cells that help you find your car at the mall parking lot, or i.d. your child in a busy playground. So put your word of the year front and center! In my online community Flock, we get a little artsy. We use a guided meditation to find our guiding star word of the year. Then we cut-color-and-paste our way to a beautiful visual reminder. Your visual reminder could be a simple as sticky note, or as colorful as a collage. But get something before your very eyes and train your brain.

Wear a talisman. A talisman is any object that has a powerful influence on human feelings or action. My favorite word of the year talismans are from Liz Lamoreux. Last year I wore “steady” on my wrist as I worked my way towards my first Soul Sister’s gathering. The year before that it was a locket with the word “receive.” This year, I have a small washer that reads “open.” When I hang one of these around my neck I feel girded in what Amanda Fall calls  my “beauty armor.” The cool of the metal and the swing of the chain reminds me of my intention to stay present to that valuable word. Don’t want to order something new? Pick something from your jewelry box and designate it as your word of the year talisman!.

Write it on Your Skin. Scent is one of your most powerful senses. You remember your grandmother the minute you smell cinnamon rolls. You think of your trip to Mexico every time you walk past the taco truck. When ritual was a bigger part of our lives, the smell of candles, incense, and sacred spices would help us recall our core beliefs and values. The use of scent in personal and spiritual development is less in vogue these days, but The Gatheress is bringing it back. Shelly Henry will create a customized essential-oils scent for you based on your word of the year. It even comes in a roller-ball decanter, so you can write the word on your skin. Whenever I go into a challenging conversation or a scary new experience, I draw an “O” over my heart. The slow release of the scent throughout the day reminds me to stay open. Want to DIY? Research the properties of essential oils on line and pick a scent as your personal signal to remember your guiding word.

Bundle it in blessing. Whether you ask a trusted friend to create on efor you, or order a Bespoke Blessing from me, words of hope and promise are a powerful way to incant your word. Writers, priests, shamans, therapists, and word-healers of all kind sknow the power of the right work spoken at the right time. I’ve been writing and recording personalized blessing for words like Cherish, Bold, Release, and Kismet so far this year, and I’m happy to write one for you.

What about you my Magpie? How do you power up your word of the year? Share your tips and technique in the comments. Because it’s like I always say, “There’s aint nowhere to go, but together.”

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl

Kristina February 6, 2014 at 12:15 pm

Each year I paint a painted wooden sign with my word on it to hang on my wall. This year I went farther and did a collage with all my thoughts on my word. My word is “Weightless” so I have found pictures of women floating away with balloons and all kinds of airy flighty images to surround myself with. My computer and phone wallpapers. I also found 2 songs that speak directly to my theme word and I have them on regular rotation. I have a friend who is a painter and paints from emotions. I’m going to commission her to paint one based on my desire for weightlessness. This word resonates for me more than the last several years have so I am going a little overboard but it has already made a huge difference in my perspective :)

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