Step Out of the Body Image Struggle

“Love your Body.”

You know this is the goal.

But it feels like an uphill battle.

You’ve seen the videos of someone morphing from plain-Jane to diva in a few photoshopped minutes.

You’ve memorized the mantra, “diets don’t work.”

You get that you have to counter message the hell out of billboards, and commercials, and ads in your Facebook sidebar.


(Not just for your sake, but also for your daughter’s.)

It takes a lot of energy, doesn’t it?
But what if it didn’t?

What if loving your body wasn’t such a struggle?
What if knowing how to eat was something you just carried with you naturally?
What if a couple ah-ha moments set you on much higher ground?
What if you could find some relief

Welcome to Gather: Body Compassion — a small-group workshop designed to lift you out of body struggle and into ease, pleasure and body LOVE.

Click here for tickets and information.

Gather: Body Compassion focuses entirely on tips and techniques that will help you feed yourself well, tap into your natural capacity to heal, and empower you to stay in your body with joy and kindness.

Spend a weekend with us and leave able to feed yourself well, heal yourself up, and (finally) be at home in your own skin.

  • Learn to feed your true hungers – body and soul – and get released from food tyranny with Rachel Cole and The Well Fed Woman Workshop.
  • Tap into your body’s intuitive capacity with Andrea Rae to direct and learn techniques for self-healing.
  • Meet like-minded souls who will support, encourage, and bless you as you move forward with confidence and ease.

You know it’s time for deeper body compassion.

  • You like yourself a little bit more lately, but still feel the energy drain of always having to talk yourself into body acceptance on an ongoing basis.
  • You’ve improved some of your eating habits, but still feel like there’s something more to it than just getting nutrients into your body.
  • You’re done being pushed around by food trends, and want an intuitive, right-fit way to feed your hungers.
  • You know you have the capacity to move with more ease, make clearer decisions, and heal better, but you just aren’t sure how.
  • You’re growing in your capacity to love your body, and you want to keep going in that direction! (For your sake, and for the sake of the girls in your life as well!)

When you leave our gathering:

  • You’ll have a broader understanding of what you are truly hunger for, and how to feed it. (Body and soul.)
  • You’ll be free from bossy food trends, and tapped into a feeding know-how that can go (and grow) with you.
  • You’ll have a new toolkit of practical body techniques to heal, calm, and rejuvenate yourself in a hands-on manner.
  • You’ll be blessed and permissioned to move with confidence back into your life, with new withmates for the journey and effective resources at your fingertips.

Why Body Compassion?

As I’ve observed our extended community over the past year, I’ve notice a deep hunger for next-level release in the area of body image, food, and self-healing. I’ve recently stepped into a place of body acceptance –and getting free from the constant chatter about weight, food, and appearance has wildly increased my ability to create good work, live with more laughter, and move with ease.

I’m tried of watching women I adore get mired down with body image ick. And I’ve seen first-hand what happens when great teachers put all their knowledge in one place and offer comprehensive care around a focused topic. Do that focused teaching in a small group, with one-on-one care, and watch the power expand!

So it’s time, sisters. Time to share our strength. Time to get freed up to do powerful things. Time to gather.

Click here to buy your ticket, or here for all the little details.

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman

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