Give Up on Body Image.

We are all pretty caught up in the idea of body image.

Is ours good or bad?
What ads and images mess it up?
Do we change our bodies so that our body image is always awesome?
Or do we engage in a mental and emotional fight so our body image is good, even if we feel physically bad?
How, How HOW can we get (and keep) good body image?!

I have a proposition to make friends.
I say we step out of the body image struggle and step into body compassion.

Body image says, “Feel good about your body! (It proves you can fight the culture and come out ahead!)”
Body compassion says, “I love my body as I love a child.”

Body image says, “Someone else’s gaze impacts how I see myself.”
Body compassion says, “I will gaze on myself with kindness.”

Body image says, “I will fight to be okay with my body, regardless of how I’m feeling.”
Body compassion says, “I will give my body the rest, motion, food, and fluid that I need to feel well.”

I’m not opposed to doing things that give us better body image. And I get that some of these things may be a matter of semantics. But I do think that the term body image has been so tied up in the idea of weight, diet, anti-aging and straight up struggle, that I don’t know if we can extricate ourselves from the negative implication that are associated with it.

I mean, be honest.
When I say “body image” the first thing that comes to mind “bad,” right?
I struggle with body image. She has such bad body image.

But if I say “body compassion,” maybe the first thing that comes to mind is “yum.”
Or  “ahhhhh!”
Or “Yes, this.”

Sometimes we need to reclaim a word.
And sometimes we need to claim our own name.

So let’s step out of the body image struggle, friends.
Let’s step into lush,
body compassion.

Are you ready to gift yourself with radical self acceptance?
Can you shift your language to something that’s more empowered?
Will you choose to be dangerously compassionate with me?

I think you are.
I know you can.
I hope you will.

Amen? Amen.


Take the Pledge

Commit to being Dangerously Compassionate toward your embodied self.
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2. Post the pledge.
3. Make your shift.
4. Tag me so I can cheer you on.


‘I hereby say “f*ck off body image struggles”, and “hello sweet, sexy body compassion!”

I will feed my true hungers,
rub lotion on my skin,
feel my sinews stretch,
rest at my own rhythm,
do All The Things that bring me true pleasure,
and say “no” to the mean things I hear in my head.

I will love my body as I love a child.

I will become dangerously compassionate to my embodied self.”

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