Money, Worth, and the Power of Bringing a Friend

It’s interesting to watch what has been happening as I’ve been writing and speaking about Body Compassion.

The chatter on my social media outlets is way up.
My mailing list is growing faster than it ever has in the past 5 years.
People are emailing me to say, “Oh, this is so important. I need this so much.”

Clearly, Rachel, Andrea and I are scratching where it itches.

Still, I’m getting a lot of feedback that goes something like, “I need this so much…but I can’t afford it.”

When you are doing meaningful body-and-soul work, a certain set of barriers come up.

Sometimes it’s around money. For real I lost my job, the vet bill was tremendous, my kid is sick I literally can’t afford it money stuff.

Sometimes it’s around worth. I’m not sure I’m worth that much of the household budget how can I justify the spending money stuff.

And sometimes, it’s not about money at all. Sometimes, you just need someone to sit with.

Rachel, Andrea and I want you to get freed up from some of that stuff.

We get that money and worth issues are all tangled up with body struggle issues.
We get that it’s hard to say yes to your true hungers sometimes — like your hunger for compassion, and companionship, and tender loving care.
We get that even at break-even pricing, the fee can be a stretch.


We want you to step into your own power and out of these value struggles.
We want to empower your healing.

So we are offering a Bring a Friend discount now through April 15th.

Click here and use code G14Friend

Click to share the good word.

Bring one friend, or a whole gaggle. As long as you use the code and list your fellow attendee’s name in the “Friend” box on the registration form, everyone saves $90 each.

(Plus you have someone to sit with.)

Need a buddy to register with? Put a shout out on the event page and find a hand to hold.

We hope that helps. (You deserve this.)

See you at Gather,

Rachelle, Rachel, and Andrea

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