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Reconnecting with my own body compassion with our featured artist Natasha Komodo of Femmeography. More on that experience soon!

“What you are offering as a gathering is sooo needed and I’m so moved just knowing you and others thought to gather this way xo”

“I waste so much time and energy being at odds with my own bodies. I wish I could go!”

“I don’t want to pass my body image ick on to my daughters. This offering looks amazing.”

These are the kinds of comments and emails I get every day as I talk about the powerful need to step out of body image struggle and step into Body Compassion. It’s clear the work Rachel, Andrea, and I are doing together on our May 10th event is resonating at a high, clear hum.

We want as many women as possible to step into Body Compassion with us, so we have done two empowering things for y.o.u.

Money Empowerment. 

Body stuff is all tangled up in money stuff, y’all. When you don’t value you physical self, you’re probably also struggling with the value of money and self investment. (It’s okay. We’ve all been there.)

To overcome this hurdle, we are offering a bring a friend discount. And to give you a little more time to find your friend, we’re extending the offer through the end of the week (April 20th). Sign up with a friend and you each get $90 off the registration price . Click here to register and use code G14Friend. Need to find a friend? Put a shout out for a registration partner here.

Virtual Empowerment.

I believe in Soulful Business, so I strive to offer you good soul care in everything I send out. When I market an event, the event is of tremendous value. And I also try to provide value in the marketing itself. If you take the time to read something I’ve sent out, I want it to be WORTH IT! That’s why all my promotional posts have tips, tricks, and techniques to help you tip toe  into the self-healing waters, even if you cannot sign up for a class or come to a gathering. 

The pieces I written for Gather: Body Compassion are getting some of the biggest buzz I’ve ever received in my nearly ten years of blogging. The first two alone got over 5,000 view each — which is not my normal readership, friend, not by a long shot!

Because they are so zingy, I want you to have them in your self care treasure chest. So here they are, all gathered up in one handy place. May you find something here today that shift you into a place of “ahhhhh!”

How to Find Body Compassion

How to Trust Your Body

How to Find Your Sexy

Why You Should Give Up on  Body Image

Why We Need Body Compassion (video)

Step Into Body Compassion (Event How’s and Why’s)

You can also pick up some good tips and insights in these two video interviews hosted by Andrea Rae:

Body Compassion Interview with Rachel Cole
Body Compassion Interview with Rachelle Mee-Chapman

So there you have it friend — some virtual help, and an offer to help you access help in-real-life as well. May it be of aid to you today as you move ever more deeply into your abundant strength.

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl

P.s. Read something you like here? Please share it along. Because it’s like I always say, “There’s no place to go, but together.”

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