Body Compassion: 6 Self Care Things to Do Instead of Looking At your Phone

One of the things I see often in my coaching practice, is the mistaken assumption that selfcare shifts have to be HARD.

The reality is that simple, do-able practices create big shifts in how we see ourselves, and how we care for ourselves.

That’s why I recently gathered up some crowd-sourced soulcare to give you a pocket full of tips and tricks for on-the-fly body compassion. You can use these while you wait in line at the pharmacy, sneak out for your “smoke” break, or wait in the carpool line.  So from all my Magpie Girls, here are  6 Self Care Things To Do Instead of Looking At Your Phone.

1. Hand to Heart. Andrea Rae of Alinga Body Work makes it habit to place her hand on her heart and get centered. Those little in between moments are the perfect opportunity to connect with the energy that runs your whole be-ing. (thumpthump. thumpthump.)

2. Smooth on Softness. When I asked my Magpie Girl followers to help me with this list, a whole slew of them sang the empowering praises of good hand cream. Keep a tube of your favorite in your bag and make it a ritual. Rub it in while acknowledging all the loving work your hands have brought into this world. As alchemist coach Mindy Tsonas says, “life is better through softness.”

3. Four Breaths. One of the meditation practices I always teach in Flock, is a 4 Breath Meditation. “This breath. This body. This place. This emotion.” Along with dropping your shoulders and sending oxygen to your tissues; this breathing meditation helps you become aware of patterns, allows you to be present to your current state, and teaches you that this too shall pass.

4. Hum. If you are waiting in the carpool line, try humming or Ohm-ing. The vibration in your skull, mouth, and chest–along with the conscious breathing –will soothe your nervous system.

5. Belly Love. Sitting around in a waiting room? How about putting your hands on your belly and giving that part of your fine self a compliment? Several women suggested belly love as a great on-the-fly body compassion technique. Graceful divorce specialist Keri Kettle said: “I rub my poochy belly and say, “Nice job making babies, mama!” It always makes me laugh.”

6. Stretch. Much to my children’s chagrin, I will break into pose of the dancer just about anywhere. Soccer field, play ground, airport — yoga it up, people! Lisa Wilson of Being Breath says, “Lunges at the bus stop, tree pose while filling up the gas tank, twists while waiting those last few minutes for the water to boil. It awakens those little muscles that get usually get ignored and makes me feel truly alive.”

What about you, my Magpie? What are your go-to body compassion tricks and tips for those moments when there’s nothing better to do than swipe at your smart phone?  Do tell! Because it’s like I always say, “There’s no place to go, but together.”


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