A Rare Pay What You Can Offer on Coaching, Classes, and Community

NOTE: The Pay What you Can Sale is now closed. Payment links have been disabled. If you began previous arrangements with me for PWYC coaching, please be in touch. (Thanks, you.)

Well friend, it’s almost summer. My kids are home, and your kids are home, and your mother wants you to drive to Kansas for a family reunion.

It’s an excellent time for a little soulcare.

That’s why I’m offering a few of my favorite things on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Yep. You can do Correspondence Coaching with me via email during the month of June….or….establish a practice of presence with the Art of Noticing…or….try out my on line community Flock at a price that feels right-fit for you.

Here’s what you need to know to pick the one that’s right for you:

Correspondence Coaching

Email based coaching on your schedule! You write me, I write you back in 48 hours. Write as many exchanges as you’d like in the month of June. Coaching helps you:  

  • process your religious shift and find right-fit soulcare practice.
  • learn to manage the ups and downs of your creative cycle.
  • make an intentional plan for a fulfilling summer.
  • chat about starting your own soulful business.
  • just figure out why X is bothering you so much.

Correspondence Coaching is right fit for you if … you’ve had something on your mind you’ve wanted to talk to me about, but didn’t want to “bother” me. (I get that a lot. Please, friend. You’re never a bother.) Or, if you would like to try coaching but phone/Skype coaching feels too intimidating or time-zone complicated.

Correspondence Coaching is priced at $200 a month.

But you can pay-what-you-can if you Click Here.


Flock: An online soulcare community.

I’m going to get teary now, because Flock is just so golden to me.

This small group of soulful women gather in a private Facebook group. We have daily check-in’s so you can get some nurture and focus anytime you need it. Our weekly rhythm is: Intention Setting, Curated Care, Body Compassion, Gratitude, Honor Your Work, and weekend Soulfood.

We also have a monthly video lesson that takes one of our core values and creates a simple, doable practice around it. In the summer we practice Welcoming the Light (Summer Solstice), Juicy Generosity, and Sacred Texts (your favorite inspiring text + collage). And of course, we deal with whatever else comes up–from sick family members, to new loves, to job changes. It’s really just so lovely.

Flock is for you if…you are comfortable hanging out on Facebook, and you want help building an aware, soulful, right-fit life in the company of like minded souls. *This offer is for new members only.

Flock is priced at $25 a month, or $75 a season.

But you can pay-what-you-can for 3 months when you Click Here.

The Art of Noticing

Being Present is the basis of all good soulcare and selfcare. Without presence we can’t make strong decisions, hear our muse, or enjoy our family. That’s why AON is my favorite ecourse — 30 days of simple prompts along with weekly audio lessons to help you develop an ongoing Noticing habit.

We do this course together every year as part of our spring re-boot in the Flock, and every year I have new ah-ha moments.

AON is right-fit for you if… you want to savour your summer, and notice what Mary Oliver calls “your one wild, precious life.” 

The Art of Noticing is priced at $60 ($2 a day).

But you can pay-what-you-can when you Click Here.


There you have it friend, all my best work made accessible to you no matter your budget. I know that you will consult your gut and your pocket book and contribute what you can. I trust that we can create a balanced energy exchange between us — with my work being the energetic offering on my end, and money being the energetic offering on yours. (That’s all money is really, energy from the mint.)

The This and That: This pay what you can offer for ten days only, through the end of May. I lovingly reserve the right to decline any offer. The Flock offer is for new members only. Thanks for understanding.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help.

I look forward to spending some time with you this summer!

Much Warmth,

 Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl


Julie May 31, 2014 at 5:45 am

Hi Rachelle,

I would be interested in one coaching session with you to work on a clearer path in my SpiritArt, Mediumship (online) business.


Rachelle May 31, 2014 at 7:49 am


I’d be happy to work this out with you. Please email me at moi at magpiegirl dot com and we’ll set up something right-fit for you.

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