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Surprised to see such a patriotic image at Magpie Girl?

As someone known for her leftist leanings, you may be stunned to find out that I actually LOVE the 4th of July. We live three blocks away from the biggest fireworks display in town — one that’s been repeatedly saved by the generosity of local businesses and neighborhood donations. I can sit on the porch swing and say hello to folks walking down the hill to the big show, while the kids sell lemonade and we all pretend we are in a Norman Rockwell painting for just a little while.

But the holiday is still a little bit twitchy for me. I appreciate my country and the freedoms we have here. But I’m not blind to the way we are constantly at war overseas, or how inequity plays out here on our home turf. So while I’ll gladly ask God-and-the-Universe to bless the “land that I love,” I also cringe a little as our anthem waxes poetic about “the rocket’s red glare.”

To work through this conundrum, my online community Flock and I have taken up the habit of practicing Juicy Generosity every year at this time. We re-engage with the abundance that exists in our nation, and make a gentle, joyful plan together to extend that goodness to others.

Juicy Generosity is our way of extending Peace during this time of year. And Peace is so much more than an absence of war. It’s the Hebrew concept of Shalom — not just a lack of violence, but a commitment to wholeness for all.

This year we’d like to offer our Juicy Generosity Toolkit to Y.O.U.  We’ve bundled up all our lessons and practices into one place, so you can unlearn some of the cultural lessons you’ve been given about “giving until it hurts,” and let go of your parent’s reminder to eat your peas because “there are starving children in Africa.” You don’t need to shy away from generosity because of icky shame messages, or feeling frozen by the sheer amount of need in the world. You really can connect to a right-fit, sustainable , JOYFUL way of giving with these lessons in Juicy Generosity.

The Juicy Generosity Toolkit Includes:

-Four Podcast Lessons:

  • Cultivating a Habit of “Yes” – Step out of self-protection and into an experiment in generosity (that won’t leave you in a state of burn out!)
  • Noticing Enoughness – Move away from feeling like there’s “never enough” with a selection of simple, meaningful exercises.
  • Overcoming Roadblocks – Learn about two common cultural roadblocks between you and joyful, juicy generosity–and how to out smart them.
  • Relational Giving – Explore a kind of giving that works with your natural psychology. (It’s fun and you’ll feel great!)

-Access to our Juicy Generosity Facebook page.
-A cheat sheet to keep your newfound lessons front and center.

Typically this kit would be offered as a month long ecourse for $99.
But right now it’s available during the Independence Day Sale for $69.
And to make the deal even juicier, I’ll send a traditional 10% tithe of the proceeds to my favorite charity, Fresh Bucks — providing low income families in urban deserts with access to organic produce by doubling their food stamps at neighborhood farmer’s markets. (How deliciously juicy is that?)

Click here to order your kit!

So that’s it, friends. No big pitches. No flashy “buy now’s” or complicated offers. Just four simple lessons that will free you up so you can give with joy. 

This Independence Day weekend, let’s celebrate peace together, shall we
Juicy Generosity Kit
Click here to order.

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