A Blessing for Those with Partners

Valentine’s Day is a symbol of our romantic notion of love — all perfectly shaped hearts and unblemished chocolate truffles.

Those of us who are partners know there is more to love than pink and red. Being part of an “us” requires the entire color wheel of expression.

This blessing is for you, those of the We. May it celebrate and sustain you this Valentine’s Day.

Much Warmth,


A Blessing for Those with Partners


On this day of love,
I bless you in your pairing
In the hot and the cold of it
in the ebb and the flow of it

I bless you in the name of Cupid,
Lover of Soul,
Father of Pleasure,
that you may have a great harvest
of your sensuous desires.
That you may know and be known.

I bless you in the name of St. Valentine,
Loving unto Death,
that your Love may be with you
until the end of you.
And yet, resonate onward.

I bless you in the name of The Divine,
source of Agape and Eros,
giver of Jack to Jill,
and Jill to Jill,
and Jack to Jack,
giver of Adam to Eve,
and of Eve to Adam.

May the arms of The Other proffer you shelter.
May they thrust you from your nest.
May they embrace you with heat and passion.
May they support you as you teeter on your toes,
reaching for new heights

May the one who knows you most
travel always with you
and may your union offer compassion
to those who grow weary along the road.

Amen. May it be so.


Rachelle Mee-Chapman, aka Magpie GirlRachelle Mee-Chapman comes with this caution taped to her forehead: WARNING: Falls frequently in love. She falls for neighors, English bulldogs, sons named Mumford, marinated yummy things, art, and the color of the sky reflecting of the buildings of Seattle.

She extends love to her readers at Magpie Girl where she offers care for creative souls; and to her travel-mates at Flock: an online soulcare community.

If this blessing was an act of love to you today, please pass it on to others. Feel free to share the link, for any or all of these blessings.

Love (of course!), Your Magpie Girl.

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LaLa February 14, 2011 at 11:26 am

I had to close my eyes to receive this blessing. Close my eyes and breathe deeply.

So beautiful and true. It hit all the right spots.

Gina February 14, 2011 at 7:16 pm

Thank you so much! :)

Kim February 14, 2012 at 8:50 am

Love and thanks to you for this. So beautiful…