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A tribe is group of people who sustain you on life’s journey. Perhaps you have seen such a tribe, or read about their adventures on someone else’s blog. Perhaps you are hungry for a group like the Lovebombers, or like the women at Squam — a tribe of your very own.

You can a form a group like that. Honest.

We did, the Soulsisters and I. We built a Soultribe in a few short months with a few small resources. We feel confident that you can too.

SoulRelreats: How to host a tribe with art and soulThat’s what SoulRetreats is all about. How you can build a Soultribe — of sisters, or siblings, or families, or any combination thereof. How you can do so, not by first establishing an on-going group — but by jumping in feet-first with a retreat, and seeing what happens in the long run.

We want to show you how you can do it without financial risk. How you can do it without having to be the “mom” of the group, or the “cruise director.” Moreover, we want to show you how you can start, right now.

Perhaps you don’t believe me. Perhaps you want to throw a book at my head, because I seem to pie-in-the-sky touchy-feely to be real. That’s okay; I understand. I often want to throw books at heads as well. But not this one. Hold on to this one. If you follow the steps and advice with its pages, you can be lakeside, or seaside, or fireside with your soultribe in just a few weeks.

You can do it. The Soulsisters can help.

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